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If I import now and then purchase an import but then don't start using ZenDesk for a couple days, there will be a number of tickets in my older platform that were never migrated. How do I migrate these until we start using the platform full time?


Import2 charges a one-time fee per one import. To migrate new tickets that will emerge in your older platform after the import is done, you will have to pay for another migration. To avoid this we suggest you migrate data when you are ready to fully switch to Zendesk right after the migration is done. Usually we recommend you start the full migration Friday night and start using the new system on Monday. If you would like to schedule a specific time for your migration, please "Report new issue" at and let us know the time.
D076d991632e5cb293e56eac58d5a7ce Answered by Andrey Yamburg about 3 years ago