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Can Import2 migrate custom objects into Salesforce?

Can Import2 mass delete records?

Import stopped in the middle of the file Transfer. How to cancel the Import and how to start new Transfer. Pls help

How do I get my Insightly API key?

"contact_ids - Contacts with ids [''] does not exist" on Emails object - How to fix this validation error?

Can Import2 migrate data from one Salesforce Chatter account to another?

Can Import2 migrate from Maximizer to Salesforce?

How do I migrate contacts, tasks, activities and accounts from Sugar CRM to Salesforce without having to import them at the same time with Salesforce Wizard?

How do I import google contacts to pipedrive?

Will our e-mail templates also be migrated over to Salesforce?

Can you migrate from a saved ACT! backup file to Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate Products from SugarCRM to SalesForce?

I'd like to import to and tag each added contact Status as PR. Can you help me out?

Where will be emails migrated to Salesforce?

Where can I find Nutshell Leads after migration to Salesforce?

How do I revert my import from Infusionsoft into Pipedrive?

Do you have any guides or documentation on making sure that custom fields are appropriately set up in advance so they match up?

For MS Dynamics CRM to Salesforce, what values are expected for 'UserName/email' ? Should this just be a normal domain/user login? Thanks.

I would like to get the quote for my data migration. What should I do?

How much historical information can be migrated when moving from Infor/Saleslogix to HubSpot Sales? Would it include emails as well as tasks, etc?

Can you migrate data from Salesforce Enterprise version to a Professional version?

Nutshell Email timestamps are not migrated to Zoho CRM. Why?

Why is it taking more than 10 minutes to finish a sample import?

Will I get charged if I'm importing to a free-trial version Pipedrive?

Hi there, I need to find out if we use import2 to move from Kayako Fusion to zendesk, will our knowledgeable also be migrated over to the zendesk help centre?

If I perform a migration of data from our current Zoho CRM to our new X2Engine CRM, will the data structure be retained? i.e., If I click on a company name, will I see all Contacts belonging to that company? Will I see all Potentials (Opportunitie...

Are you able to export tags from Nutshell?

How long does a full import take?

We are planning to use import2 to migrate from to zendesk and have a question: Will the JIRA links in tickets be imported into zendesk as well?

How do I undo/reverse an import?

Does Import2 support Joomla migration?

Where do Notes from ACT! get migrated to in SalesForce?

"field integrity exception: Quantity (quantity must be nonzero)" - How to fix this data validation error?

Can you migrate tickets with the same numbers as they had in my source Zendesk?

Do you delete sample import results before the full migration?

"email - Email: @import2 is not properly formatted" - How to fix this validation error?

What's an API Key and how do I generate it?

Can you export comments from Zoho CRM?

Can you import into Maximizer?

"Required fields are missing: [ActivityDateTime]" - How to fix this error?

"[Unexpected]Error uploading file: Unsupported file type." - How to fix this data validation error?

Is it possible to migrate Highrise tags into Zoho CRM?

We have several Highrise accounts that need to be exported to one Salesforce account with several profiles. Does this affect the cost if it's less than 10,000 contacts alltogether? Do notes that are attached to a contact count as a record themselves?

I kicked off a full export yesterday morning. For the past four hours I have been at the same prompt of the import. Is there a way to see what the hold up may be on your end?

Can you migrate Tags into Topics in Salesforce ?

Can I complete a Salesforce export without an admin account?

Is Import2 able to migrate notes and attachments from one Salesforce instance to another?

Can Import2 migrate from one Salesforce instance to another?

How do I get my PipelineDeals API Key?

"first name - {'message': 'First name or last name field is required for person and should not be empty'}" - How to fix this error?

I have migrated some of the records myself. Can Import2 just merge rest of the records with the ones that I already have?

I want to cancel my import, will it only delete records migrated by Import2?

"No valid fields data" - How to fix this error?

What version of ACT! does Import2 support?

Can I run the migration in two steps? The initial sample run next week and then clean the data and rerun next month.

Are you able to migrate data from SF Group edition to the Professional edition?

What is the limit for leads/data migration from Zoho to Salesforce?

"Custom attribute 'Type' doesn't have matching value for 'xxxx'" - how to fix this validation error?

Why does Import2 migrate tasks as task lists to Solve 360?

I am interested in importing files from Highrise to Insightly. I only have around 200-250 contacts. Is there a reduced rate for small files?

How do I find my import number?

I migrated some data from Maximizer into Pipedrive. Now I want to import another set of data but I get only: "You already have an ongoing data migration request". How can I fix it and import another set?

When exporting from Zoho CRM I receive this error: "Couldn't access your Zoho CRM due to: WEB_LOGIN_REQUIRED"

We are a nonprofit based in the UK. How much is the basic Import2 tool for migrating data between ACTS and Salesforce?

Where do Notes get migrated when importing into Infusionsoft?

When migrating to Zoho are task owners assigned to the right objects?

When I do the import will it take all of the Highrise contacts and deals on the account or just the ones that are under my user name?

Why do we need a data migration?

Can you export my Nimble data to a CSV file?

We plan to migrate the SugarCRM opensource from our web server to our local web server. How to do that? How to migrate the database?

What COUNTRY import2 server is/will be located in?

Should I pay for my import from the link on the sample import screen?

How do I Import Cases from to Sugar CRM?

Can I export my emails from Zoho CRM to new CRM?


"Contract Term must be a positive value.: Contract Term"- How to fix this validation error?

Is it possible to bypass Zoho API limits?

"Exceeded association limit for portalId 2065966, fromObjectId 179349, associationType CONTACT_TO_ENGAGEMENT" - How to fix this data validation error?

I've fixed "data validation errors". Will you re-import only those, or will other records will also be overwritten?

Our Sugar CRM installation is hosted internally and has no external access except for those on our company VPN. Can you help us export data?

Can I test an import from Saleslogix cloud CRM using a trial of Salesforce? Or do I need to be a full user on Salesforce?

Are the Infusionsoft tags exported and added to the Salesforce contact? Will the date created in Infusionsoft match in sales force? Email history? Campaign history? What about products and order details ?

How do you import campaigns data into Sugar CRM?

When migrating opportunities from Zoho to Salesforce, do corresponding accounts need to be in Salesforce before?

When you migrate from Insightly to Hubspot - do you import the Insightly notes (for companies) into Hubspot (as notes or activities)?

How do I increase my HappyFox API?

Does Plus - $699 Plan cover 25,000 records total, or 25,000 of each type of record (i.e. Contacts, Accounts, etc)?

How do I get my Nutshell CRM API Key?

What happens when you import a ticket assigned to a user who doesn't exist in Zendesk?

"Mandatory Field Missing : Closing Date" - How to fix this error?

What version of Sugar CRM does Import2 support?

Can you import a history of calendar events into Infusionsoft? I.e customer xyz has visited my salon on these dates and had abc treatments.

Do you support import to MS Dynamics CRM on premises?

Can you import data to Sugar CRM CE (Community Edition)?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can we filter by account?

Is the fee for the import a one-time fee?

Where can I locate information on the specifics of using import2 for Pipedrive to Pipedrive migrations? Thank you

Can you import ticket attachments from Kayako to Zendesk?

Can you migrate Nimble's social profile fields to Salesforce?

Why do I have duplicate groups after sample import to Zendesk?

Do I need to create custom fields when migrating from CSV into Salesforce?

My Capsule CRM is integrated to Google Apps. Do you support such migrations?

If I importing from Solve360 into InfusionSoft and I have 900 contact records, will this fit under your first plan? (225-910-8250)

I have some contacts in ACT listed as private, will these be transfered into Salesforce and would they be seen by others?

Can Import2 migrate contact history from Microsoft Outlook BCM to Salesforce?

Hi Team, I would like to migrate from to Please let me know as to how we can do this.

If import2 imports my deals and contacts into HubSpot, will the deals be automatically associated with my contacts using the linked email addresses?

Can Import2 migrate from Calyx Point to Salesforce?

We would like to migrate data from Act! to HubSpot. In the free trial example, we have to put the Act! backup file in Dropbox in order to import. Due to security reasons, we don't use Dropbox. Is there another option? And is the Dropbox approa...

Migrating to PipelineDeals CRM my attachments weren't imported. Can you migrate them to dropbox?

Can you migrate groups from ACT to Nimble?

Where will the contact notes migrate from Act! to Pipedrive?

Can Import2 migrate notes that are attached to contacts in Act! into Salesforce?

"attachment is too large"- how to resolve this data validation error?

"Personal Email: invalid email address: "- How to resolve this validation error?

Can Import2 migrate documents from Siebel?

"[addresses] {"errors"=>{"0"=>{"errors"=>[], "field-errors"=>{"country"=>"Country \"Korea\" is not a valid choice."}}}}" - How to resolve this validation error?

"Email: data value too large: (max length=80)" - how to resolve this error?

Can you migrate pricebooks from Zoho CRM into Salesforce?

"Home Phone: data value too large: (max length=40)" - how to resolve this error?

If a helpdesk contact has 3 tickets, would you count that as 3 as well or 1?

"Created Date: invalid date: 2014/03/01" - how to fix this error?

Can you amend data once you have uploaded it to import2 to the errors highlighted in the error report or do you need to amend the original excel which you uploaded and then import it again?

"Cyrillic symbols in name don't supported by Pipedrive" - how to fix this data validation error?

What data is migrated from Nutshell to Infusionsoft?

"[note] This field is required" - How to solve this validation error?

"Person is not in account" - How to fix this validation error?

When migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce, can Import2 migrate campaigns?

Hello, I managed to import Salesforce PipeDrive, but I have some concerns or questions: I can not posted the function (positions held) by the contacts of my clients. I have not in PipeDrive events and past and future stains. Thank you for your ...

"Phone Ext.: data value too large: (max length=20)" - How to resolve this validation error?

I imported my contacts from Salesforce to pipedrive. The contacts and tasks were imported but none of the notes came though. How do I import the notes?

"[phones] {"1"=>{"phone"=>"Phone is not valid"}}"- How to solve this validation error?

"[urls] {"errors"=>{"2"=>{"errors"=>[], "field-errors"=>{"url"=>"Invalid URL."}}}}" - How to solve this validation error?

"Unable to populate data, please check if mandatory value is entered correctly."- How to fix this validation error?

I want to migrate my data. How should I start?

"[url] Invalid URL." - How to solve this validation error?

I get a "You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator." message from Hubspot

"[addresses] {"errors"=>{"0"=>{"errors"=>[], "field-errors"=>{"state"=>"State \"PHILADELPHIA\" is not a valid choice."}}}}" - How to solve this validation error?

"Exceeds maximum size -... but limit is ..." - how to fix this error?

Can Import2 export notes from Highrise to Salesforce?

Can you export from Act! to Pipeline Deals and bring over all notes and history?

Can you export tags from Capule CRM to Pipedrive?

Can emails, activity and call history be imported from SugarCRM Pro to Big Contacts. Can this be done as part of the sample import?

"External xxxxxxxx has already been taken" - how to solve this data validation error?

Why all the records are assigned to me after migration?

If exporting to e.g. Salesforce. It is possible to migrate the created_date, update_date infos?

Does Import2 support Salesforce Communities?

"No stages found in the default pipeline. Cannot add a deal." - How to solve this validation error?

I need to know if a test import is actually in progress. How do I know the status?

Do you import data from E-Sales Track? Client wants to map over call logs and orders with his data. Is this possible?

"Entity is deleted" - How can I fix that validation error?

Why didn't the phone numbers come over for organizations?

We migrated from Highrise to Insightly, but we cannot see any emails associated to Accounts. Why?

How many imports do we get with the Import2 tools?

Do you support migrations from Saleslogix Cloud CRM?

Is "record manager" field in ACT actually record owner?

Can you truncate lengh of custom fields in Salesforce to fix data validation errors?

"Field 'subject' cannot be null" - How to fix this validation error?

"Duplicate email address:" - How to fix this validation error?

How to report an issue?

Do you offer consulting services? We are migrating from MS Dynamics to Sales Force. We need to export all attached files from an opportunity and then import into SDFC associated with the proper account/project.

Why are some of my record owners not mapping correctly in Hubspot?

Hi there. I would like to migrate from Salesforce to Pipedrive. I tried your free sample migration and it worked 80%. The remaining 20% are custom fields, typically listbox custom fields. How can I keep those fields in Organisations (Account in Sa...

Can you export from Hubspot to Salesforce include Hubspot notes?

When we buy Import2 for migration from High-rise to Salesforce are we then able to run import more than once?

"Document cannot exceed 5MB" - How to fix this validation error?

Can you migrate emails from Highrise Contacts to Insightly Accounts?

How can I create a mapping document?

Can Import2 assign multiple client records belonging to one account in my source tool to a few different accounts in Salesforce?

Can you export quotes from Zoho CRM to Sugar CRM?

"name - Name has already been taken" - How to fix this validaion error?

Can you export data from Highrise to Salesforce without a Highrise admin account?

Importing to Salesforce 'currency' field wasn't imported for Opportunities. What could be the problem?

What should I do if I don't remember my import number?

Are duplicate tasks created as a result when migrating from SF Professional to SF Enterprise?

Is full import free?

How to migrate ACT! contacts ONLY into Salesforce?

"Code: data value too large: " - How to resolve this validation error?

Migrating to Salesforce why was the audit field information not imported for attachments?

"Message: [Resource Not Found]" - How to fix this data validation error?

Can you migrate Highrise Tags into new custom field in Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate leads to Salesforce but convert them into contacts/accounts?

Can you migrate comments on notes from Highrise to Pipedrive in the same format?

Can I migrate standard objects (Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts and associated tasks) from Salesforce enterprise to Salesforce Group edition?

Can Import2 only migrate opportunities and tasks from Zoho CRM to Salesforce?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can you prevent migrated objects from having new ID's?

Company names weren't included when migrating leads from Zoho CRM to Pipedrive. Why?

Can you migrate groups from ACT to Sugar CRM?

Can you export custom fields from ACT?

"Name must be given." - How to fix this data validation error?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can Import2 maintain the relationship between records?

I want to import records from a few different versions of ACT to a single Salesforce account, is that possible?

Can we import only some of the custom fields from Salesforce to Salesforce?

Can you import only part of the records from Salesforce to Salesforce?

Where can I find my imported data?

How to know which records were imported during the sample import?

"No matching deal stage found for stage 'pending' with undefined percent" - How should I fix it?

I have 10,284 records. I would like to use the basic plan that only imports 10,000 records. How does it choose the 284 records that i will skip? Does it import them by date order? Will it skip the 284 oldest records or newest?

Can you migrate ACTIVITIES from ACT to Sugar CRM?

Can you migrate contact roles with the opportunities from Salesforce to Zoho CRM?

Which tab in Salesforce did my data get imported to?

"user cannot be created/updated; this Zendesk account has expired" - how to fix this data validation error?

"Record Type ID: this ID value isn't valid for the user: xxxxxx" - How to fix this data validation error?

What data is migrated from Nutshell to Salesforce?

I don't see any tickets migrated into Zendesk although my import page shows that they were migrated. Why is that?

Can Import2 update my data by migrating Custom Fields from the Source CRM and merging them with already existing records?

"Note could not be saved. Check your request" - How to fix this error?

Can you import NetSuite issues into Zendesk?

Is Import2 able to only import records from ACT to Salesforce that were modified in the last two years?

Before kicking off the full import, I wanted to make sure the data that was included in the initial import would be included in the full import.

Is it possible to do the Salesforce import without the events?

Why didn't the email come over for the organization?

Can you export Intercom transcripts into Zendesk Chat?

Why are the email messages importing as internal notes in Zendesk?

"user - User must be an agent to be in a group" - How to fix this validation error?

I saw on FAQs that you can migrate groups from Act! to Salesforce. Is this only within the Premium package?

"Billing/Mailing Country Code: bad value for restricted picklist field: Gernany" - How to fix this error?

I wonder if I could schedule the transfer for a specific time?

Can you import to Zendesk from a spreadsheet?

I want to pay for Basic - $499. How can I do this?

"Person email address conflict" - how to solve this data validation error?

Can you import Highrise tags to Insightly?

When importing from ACT! to Salesforce, where are the Contact middle names imported to?

"Email: _-_Your account has been suspended. Contact for assistance.\nuser cannot be created/updated; this Zendesk account has expired" - how to fix this data validation error?

When migrating to Salesforce can you keep the record's creation date original?

I would like to use the import2 feature to import Act! to Insightly, however i would like to do 4 imports in order to assign 4 databases to a new API key each time. Is it possible to do this with the $999 package? And would it be possible to have ...

What happens when you import a ticket assigned to an active Zendesk agent in the "FROM" system but is an inactive Zendesk agent in the "TO" system? Will this work okay?

My database is only 3000, is there any discount you can do on import? I will take up the service if it was half the price.

Can you migrate opportunities and tasks from Salesforce to Salesforce?

You migrated only open tasks from Highrise. Why?

I need customization for my import. What should I do?

Where do I find my Helpscout ticket ID?

Where does Import2 migrate Tasks/Notes/Events into Infusionsoft?

How to find record ID in Dynamics?

When transferring data from Zoho CRM to HubSpot CRM: According to your info, the "full sales activity history from the existing CRM is imported into the HubSpot CRM". Does this include all the sent emails? Ideally, I would like them to show up on ...

"Message: [Validation Failed] Errors: [{"emails"=>[{"value"=>["invalid"]}]}]" - how to fix this error?

Where does Import2 migrate different Act! history types?

Where do I get UserVoice API Key and Secret?

Is it possible to migrate from a system that Import2 doesn't have listed?

"insufficient access rights on cross-reference id:" - How to fix this validation error?

What happens to Open and Closed Opportunities when migrating from Salesforce to Pipedrive?

Do you migrate attachments from Zoho CRM to Salesforce?

"(s:Sender) SecLib::RetrievePrivilegeForUser failed - no roles are assigned to user. Returned hr = -2147209463, User: a36d259f-89eb-e511-80de-5065f38b82b1" - How to fix this validation error?

I just made a test import from Highrise to Salesforce. All went perfectly, except that now all leads and tasks are assigned to my user profile. Is it possible to take over the person assigned to tasks into Salesforce?

We are interested in using the Desk to Zendesk service which RRP's for $499. Do you offer any discount for non-profits?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another can I migrate only selected items?

I successfully imported records the sample import, however two fields that are custom to my ACT Data base did not migrate. How do I assign those fields before I do a full Import?

I want to migrate groups from Act! to Salesforce. Can you do it for me?

Importing to Zendesk

Are notes and email attachments migrated from Highrise when moving to Salesforce?

How to schedule a call with Import2?

how to filter deals based on pipeline ?

Is there a limit to the number of records when migrating from Act! to Salesforce?

How many contacts can Import2 migrate from Act! to Salesforce?

Can you add AgileCRM as a product? So we can import from CapsuleCRM to AgileCRM - including all notes / messages / tags / opportunities for migration?

How do I pay for the full import? Also, can import be done over the weekend?

Highrise has an area where you can enter "Remember the date" for contacts. Can these dates be imported from Highrise to Insightly?

We are moving to HubSpot from a crappy CRM not listed on your site. Can you still help us?

Hi there, we have an app that uses sqlite as the's an iOS / Mac application. We have many users that would like to convert their data to ours, especially ACT! data with all of the ancillary notes and history for the contacts to be ...

Can you migrate the contact addresses from Act! into the Account field in Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate Tasks/Contacts from Act! to Salesforce?

Which version of Batchbook can you export from?

How long will it take to migrate notes and attachments from Zoho?

Where do you migrate opportunity's participants list from Pipedrive into Salesforce?

Why do I get an Error when trying to test import from Capsule CRM to Pipedrive? URL, username and API are correct?

Hello, I am moving from Highrise to Hubspot CRM and had a few questions: 1) Can you guys migrate all tasks and notes? 2) Do Tags migrate to Hubspot CRM

Can you import lead tags from Nutshell to a Salesforce custom field?

What happens to SUGAR CRM leads when imported into PIPEDRIVE (where we only have contact / organisation / Opportunity) ?

I would like to import two separate Act! databases into one Salesforce account. How can I do it?

Can you handle a migration from SalesforceIQ to OnePageCRM?

Is it possible to export Act email messages?

How does Import2 handle merged tickets in my helpdesk migration?

Can you migrate from Act! to SugarCRM?

Migrating from Freshdesk to Zendesk.

Can you migrate products from Zoho CRM into Salesforce?

"Couldn't convert value of attribute 'NumberOfEmployees' to number: '832-767-34'" - how to resolve this error?

Can you assign records to inactive users in Salesforce?

Can I migrate just the last year's tickets from Desk to Zendesk?

Is there a 2 way sync between X2engine and SalesForce

I did a sample import from SugarCRM to HubSpot and it did not import the target I have in Sugar. So my question is how to import the target (first/last name and email) from Sugar to HubSpot?

What objects are supported when migrating from Highrise to Pipedrive?

"Contact quota exceeded" on Accounts - how to fix this validation error?

I noticed Salesforce has a section for Notes. Any particular reason why migration from Act! to Salesforce places Notes from Act! into Event objects in Salesforce?

Do I need Administrator rights in Salesforce for an Import of Act! data?

How do I cancel an import?

Where can I check my Salesforce API limits?

Can you migrate notes and activities from Highrise to Pipedrive?

When migrating from Highrise to Salesforce, which salesforce objects (names) correspond to highrise objects?

During the sample import only tickets that had organizations were migrated. Will tickets that don't have organizations be migrated during full import?

Can you export Follow-up Sequences from Infusionsoft?

Will Freshdesk "Solutions" be imported into Zendesk as "Articles"?

Which records does Import2 migrate during sample import for CRM systems?

Where to find .QBW file?

Can you automatically create custom fields if I migrate into Salesforce?

I am looking to import data into Pipedrive from a Salesforce data export, rather than from the CRM directly. Is this possible to do through import2?

"You must first set the Stage to Unscheduled and save the record before moving it to the desired Stage." - How to fix this data validation error?

We have two companies under my Pipedrive login. Does the export pull the data for both companies?

Where I can find your contact information, email or contact form?

Per one import, do you migrate only records associated with a specific user or all the records in the CRM?

Do you migrate owners on Notes into Insightly?

I have migrated my contacts and companies from ACT! V16 to Insightly but I now need to migrate the corresponding notes for both of these categories. Can you do this and what would the cost be? I have approximately 10,000 records. Thanks.

"Numeric value too large for attribute 'NumberOfEmployees': '8594684270'" - how to resolve this error?

"DupeCatcher validation error. Check DupeCatcher configuration" - how to fix this data validation error?

"salutation - dhr. was not one of the allowed options: [label: "Mr." - How to fix this validation error?

Is it possible to import just a selection of contacts from ACT into Salesforce instead of the whole database?

Is it possible to map fields from Maximizer to SugarCRM fields when importing?

I saw that there is a possible import from ACT! to SugarCRM. But what about exactly from "Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version" to "SuiteCRM Version 7.1.4 (Sugar Version 6.5.18)"? Especially we need to import contacts with their histories.

Can we use new or original system while Import2 is working on migration?

How do I get a secret Stripe API Key?

What data do you import from Batchbook to Pipedrive ?

"Can't convert custom attribute 'ABC' with type 'string' and value 'June 11, 2014' to date. Reason: value type is not a date" - how to fix this validation error?

I can't find ANY emails after sample import (from SugarCRM into Salesforce). Why?

How do I smoothly migrate my data from Salesforce to SugarCRM? What steps are required?

What is the best way to migrate campaigns from Salesforce to SugarCRM ?

How can I de-dupe the records in my CRM?

Does Import2 bypass automation when migrating into Zendesk?

The first entry in each ticket is blank. Just shows "-". Why?

Can you transfer information from the User fields in Act over to Capsule?

Can you migrate only tasks, opportunities and activities from Zoho CRM into Salesforce?

Ready to purchase complete Import and the vendor is displaying as 300 Milligrams Inc. Is this the proper Company name for payment?

Hello! Can you help us with migrating all data from one SalesForce online account to another one? The company was split into two independent business units, and we now need to copy all data from one account to the other. we do have access to and c...

1. I have a client that uses ACT! and they are using the old DB database. Can I have the client create a backup and then send to me so that I can then use Import2 to get the data out? 2. Is this extract a table by table extract into Salesforce?

How do you import converted leads into Salesforce?

I have two questions for a migration from Highrise to Salesforce: 1. Will notes from Highrise be migrated as Notes or Activities in Salesforce? And 2. If it's exported as Notes, will there be the same number of notes in Salesforce or will Salesfor...

Do I have to sign out of SalesForce during the migration?

Where can I find the Portal and Departments for imports from Zoho Support?

If a user with the same email exists in destination Zendesk, will Import2 update its fields?

Can you guys import tags from Desk to Zendesk?

Are you able to export tags on Leads from Nutshell?

Hi, we want to import a 2011 ACT! database into Pipedrive. Importantly, we want to ensure all client correspondence notes and emails get imported into Pipedrive. How is this possible to achieve?

Can I import data from ACT! (DB version) before we Go Live in SF and when ready to go live repeat with the latest copy of the DB? Will this mean I pay twice?

ACT! to Salesforce - Couldn't access your Salesforce account due to: Invalid credentials

"Validation failed", - how to fix this error?

We need to import data from both ACT! and Outlook. Is it possible to do this or do we need to pay for 2 separate imports?

What happens to my list subscribers when importing from Mailchimp to Hubspot?

Can you migrate from Request Tracker (RT 3.8.7) to ZenDesk?

Do I need a Dropbox account to upload my test file?

We are currently using "Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version", and our plan is to make the migration to "SuiteCRM Version 7.1.4 (Sugar Version 6.5.18)". What do you mean exactly with the number of records? And how can we learn the record numb...

Can you migrate from CSV files?

Can we use specific Netsuite records in our test import to Salesforce?

"not an option for this custom field"n - how to fix this error?

Why there are underscores "_" in my tags when migrating to Zendesk?

"File Name.pdf has zero length" - how to fix this validation error?

How do i change/update my CRM url used for migration?

Can import2 import from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM?

"Couldn't find matching ownershipcode for value 'xxxxxx'" - How to fix this data validation error?

Do we need to delete the sample data you imported during our data test import prior to the actual full data import scheduled for this evening? I want to avoid duplicate tickets but if the import will automatically merger tickets then I won't worry...

I want to know if we can filter leads, events, notes, task transfer by date period?

Can you handle migration from OnePageCRM to Insightly?

Why are some of my Contacts imported as Leads and others imported as Contacts in

What kind of example does Import2 need in order to research an issue?

Can you describe what happens during the Zendesk migration 'free trial'? How does using the free trial affect an eventual "full" migration?

If the field is of picklist type in my Sugar CRM and of text type in NetSuite, will it get migrated?

I paid for an import and there were data errors. Can I re-import once I fix the errors?

How do I import tags from Highrise into Salesforce?

"Requester is invalid" - how to fix this validation error?

I tried the migration tool from SalesforceIQ (previously RelateIQ), but in the sample that you offered for free, the associated emails/notes did NOT come across from RelateIQ. So the contacts and accounts make it into pipedrive, but not the email ...

What should I know before starting import into Pipedrive?

Are you able to migrate SugarCRM from an exported SQL to Insightly?

Can I perform a Zendesk->Zendesk import into a specific Brand? Multibrand is a new feature and I want to take advantage of it by consolidating two instances.

How can I import users from Uservoice to Zendesk that share the same email address? I spoke with someone at Zendesk (Fred) who suggested I speak with you guys on this. We have users in our application and Uservoice that point to the same email add...

Can you export formulas from Zoho CRM?

What's the process with importing leads from maximiser to HubSpot CRM? Are there any aspects of the contact history (notes etc.) that cannot be migrated?

"Oops! You have reached your accounts record limit" - how to fix this validation error?

"No permission to download this file." How to fix this data validation error?

"Couldn't find any opportunity stages" - How to fix this data validation error?

"Related Google services cannot be accessed properly to fulfill this request. Please check your Google settings on Pipedrive, and reconnect with Google if needed." - How to fix this validation error?

When migrating information from one CRM to another, in the full version, would I be able to map properties (for instance: if one CRM calls it "Lead Source" and the other calls it "Account Type" but they have the same dropdown options), would I be ...

We migrated from Nutshell to Insightly, but emails are arriving into Insightly as Notes. Why?

Can you import from one Zendesk instance to another and keep the same call numbers?

Can you export from ACT! Ver. 15.6 for an import to Daylite (Marketcircle)?

Can we import notes and emails from infusionsoft to pipedrive?

We are looking to migrate from to ZenDesk. Setup and started the sample export. Will the export also handle the knowledge base articles from Is there a comprehensive list of all items that are exported from and what the...

"For picklist attribute 'consumer_lead_source_c' there is no matching value 'Google Search Engine'" - How to fix this validation error?

How can I use the user defined fields I exported from Maximizer to pipedrive? Can I get them to show up in Custom fields?

Would we need to change internal links manually or would they be automatically replaced with the new Zendesk link?

What is the process for migrating from Redtail CRM to Dynamics CRM?

I tried to run your import test process and got the following message. Please advise. --- Application Error --- An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. Please try again in a few moments. If you are the applicat...

Can I filter my Nimble import by tag? I'd like to import Nimble contacts to Pipedrive based on the tag in Nimble.

We have tasks in Highrise that are set as private. Can you import them to Salesforce?

We've added 2 users to pipedrive. Is it possible to have owner field empty if no match is found?

"Import attachment for ticket ... failed due to Zendesk API error: the server responded with status 502" - how to resolve this validation error?

Is the cost for Import2 a one time purchase or an annual fee?

"Email: _-_Your account has been suspended. Contact for assistance.\nuser cannot be created/updated; this Zendesk account has expired" - how to resolve this error?

Hi, is it possible to map (while importing) the field "status" of the Leads in suite CRM, to a specific Lifecycle stage in Hubspot?

"Requester is suspended." - how to fix this data validation error?

"Parent item was deleted" - how to resolve this data validation error?

Why was my Contact automatically associated with Company in HubSpot CRM?

"invalid cross reference id" - How to fix this data validation error?

Can I import tasks/activities from Zoho CRM to HubSpot CRM?

How do I buy an import?! My demo import seems stuck.

I have tried the sample import and got some organizations and KB articles imported, but no tickets. How can I see sample tickets imported?

"Unknown Google Drive error." - How to fix this data validation error?

Hi guys, I'm looking to import data from Goldmine CRM to HubSpot. Is this possible?

When migrating notes from Highrise to Hubspot, are the notes imported into Hubspot as engagements or is there a contact property that they need to be imported to?

Under the basic package of 10,000 records, does that include attachments? My client has about 1000 records and the anticipated number of attachments is about 1K. I am scoping this work and don't have access to their system to furnish a sample file...

Am using ACT (Swiftpage) that is cloud-based. How do I export ALL of the information per record, such as groups, campanies, history,l notes, attachments, etc.

Do you have a possibility to export data from SuperOffice CRM to HubSpot? Including contacts, tasks, emails, deals etc.

Can you migrate email history from the Updates tab in Pipedrive into Salesforce?

"Record XXXX of class 'Accounts' not found" - how to fix this validation error?

How do I import Cases from SugarCRM to Salesforce Enterprise edition?

Can you import Zendesk users into Salesforce users and contacts?

Where do I get Mixpanel API Secret?

"Custom attribute 'xxx' format fails due to can't convert String into an exact number" - How to fix this data validation error?

My contacts that I've synced don't have an organization linked to them when they did in HubSpot. Help

Would this tool work if we want to migrate from one salesforce org to another salesforce org ?

Does Import2 migrate tags from Highrise to Salesforce?

I am exporting from Highrise to Salesforce. If I wanted some records to be imported as leads? Could you guys do that?

Can I Import data into from a Productive salesfore org into a Sandbox Salesforce Org? I am having trouble with it. Thanks.

How does Import2 check audit fields in Salesforce?

I did an import from Insightly to Pipedrive and now I can see by contact however the Leads cannot be seen, although it says 23 leads imported.

It's possible to export data from SugarCRM to Zendesk?

I want to migrate from Sugarcrm v 6.2.3 on site to Zoho CRM. In sugar I have some custom fields and modules. Is the migration automatically done? Should I create the modules/fields first in Zoho CRM? How much would the total cost be?Thx

When Importing to desk assignee is set to import user not actual assignee. Why is that?

I enabled audit fields in Salesforce after the import. Can you import them separately without full re-import?

If my Highrise contact has numerous email addresses, where in Salesforce will the additional addresses be stored?

"Converted Account empty for a Converted Lead.: Converted Account ID" - how to resolve this validation error?

Can we import all notes from deals and contacts from Hubspot to Pipedrive? Where will these be attributed, in the deal or the contact, or both?

How to engage ACT! as an "on-premise" app to link with sample data migration to Salesforce ? This is not an on-line to on-line migration. It's a on-premise to on-line migration. Wondering how to accomplish this?

Can you migrate attachments from Maximizer into Salesforce?

We are planning to migrate from MS CRM online to Zendesk. In ms crm we have utilized the case module for service requests. Can import2 migrate cases from ms crm to zendesk, including email correspondence attached to each case?

Hi, We are moving from Nimble to SugarCRM. Unfortunately the export from Nimble doesn't include any of the tasks/notes/activities on the company/client accounts. Do you do Nimble to SugarCRM - and does it include ALL data (all company and contact ...

"base - Attachment is too large. Limit 20 megabytes" - How to fix this error?

"Files with unicode characters in the name are not supported" - how to fix this validation error?

For ACT! to Salesforce migration can OneDrive be used store the zip file instead of a Dropbox?

We have just signed up for the Group Salesforce account and we want to transfer the data over from our salesforce account at our lead generation suppliers, including the history - is this possible?

When migrating Act! to Salesforce what is the 50,000 record limit for the premium product mean, Is it the total number of records in the Act! database?

"The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID xxxxxxxx. Contact your administrator for help." - How to fix this data validation error?

If you run a full migration, can you run a tidy up migration in the next few days once you are ready to put something live?

Now that Hubspot has PROSPECTS in their CRM - Sales Professional Edition - can we have our LEADS from SUGARCRM imported into the prospects db instead of being pushed into the Hubspot COMPANIES db? I dont' want to put our SugarCRM ACCOUNTS and LEAD...

How does Import2 store clients’ credentials?

How do I determine the total record count to purchase the right product.

We are willing to pay for the customisation package but we must have BOTH our notes and comments migrated from highrise to pipedrive. I understand pipedrive does not have the comment function. Is it possible to map comments over to part of the sam...

What does a reimport entail?

Can we request a monthly export of all Pipedrive data to our own company server rather than to import2?

For my contacts that I've imported from hubspot, I want them to all appear under the 'deals' section

I found an FAQ that you don't have an "out of the box" connector to SysAid to assist with migration to Zendesk but did say you could help if a CSV file was provided. How are ticket attachments handled??

I'm currently going through the post-import validation errors. 80% of them I could comprehend and fix, but the other 20% I couldn't decipher - how do I get in touch with you to finalize those last few errors to complete the import? I also need som...

I tried a full migration but I received a message telling me that I have already done the Trial migration. Please help me.

"base - Assignee: is required when solving a ticket" - How to fix this validation error?

What pipeline will highrise deals be imported into in pipedrive? Or will new pipelines be created based on deal categories?

Do you support importing article sub-categories from Zendesk to Desk?

"reached maximum number of custom fields: Either you or your organization has exceeded the maximum number of custom fields allowed in the system. Please contact your administrator for more information." - How to fix this data validation error?

"User #12345678(XXXXX) is not a member of group YYYYY" - How to fix this validation error?

We have 4 xml files from Maximizer, it kept crashing when trying to do one big one, to import to SugarCRM. Can I send them to get an accurate price and timescales?

"Current Situation/Progress: data value too large: Per Karen opty lost..." - How to fix this error?

If I import now and then purchase an import but then don't start using ZenDesk for a couple days, there will be a number of tickets in my older platform that were never migrated. How do I migrate these until we start using the platform full time?

How do I proceed with full migration after my sample import?

How do you map ticket priority levels when migrating from Desk to Zendesk?

"one or more associations were invalid" - How to fix this validation error?

We've had to delete the imported data but can't reimport as there's one "already in progress" (which is showing as complete) What can we do?

We are looking at signing up with Zendesk, and apparently, depending on the plan, we get some credits from them to migrate up to 15,000 tickets, or so. I was wondering, if this was the case, do those credits transfer to the knowledge base, and if ...

Can Import2 migrate from SalesLogix to Salesforce?

I imported from Salesforce. Everything transferred except the notes. Please advise. Thank you.

Are notes and their attachments migrated from Highrise when moving to Zoho?

Hi there, I ran a transfer from Highrise to SugarCRM a few weeks ago (I think import #25402) and I've just been informed that all the notes have the wrong dates on them. I need to find a way of fixing the dates without running another import as cu...

We are importing from SFDC Enterprise to Profesional; Does your tool import Campaigns ? We will be purchasing the $999 version to be able to import to custom fields; do we need to buy this in advance to get assistance with that or can you help...

Hi, Could we export from one Zendesk agent to another Zendesk agent? So basically from one company ZenDesk to another company's Zendesk?

Hi, we have a kayako fusion install with around 330 articles and we need to migrate the kb articles and categories from it to zendesk. we do not require any tickets moving. Please can you advise a cost.

Is it possible to only Import the Emails from Highrise to Salesforce and is it possible to chose which objects should be imported?

"Invalid input: Validation errors: Due Date: must be greater than or equal to -2147483648" - How to fix this data validation error?

Hi, We need to import all the old chat conversations (exported into a csv file) from zopim chat into our new zendesk. Is this possible?

Is there a migration definition from Zendesk to Salesforce? How about from Desk to Salesforce? Given the differences is the data models (tagging vs. discreet fields), are complex transformations possible? What about migration of knowledge articles...

"An error occurred while saving the file." - How to fix this data validation error?

I recently imported data from onepagecrm into pipedrive, I have lots of missing data, phone numbers, address, notes etc. not sure i did it right ? can someone help me import my data ?

"Could not find matching value for opportunity stage 'XXXXX' in pipeline" - how to fix this data validation error?

Is it possible to request a monthly download of all our information to our own server from Pipedrive?

I see that 'temporary machines' are used for customer data. Does this mean that data is not stored on Import2's servers?

Where do I get Flurry API Access Code and API Key?

I have a client with older, perhaps much older, Act db files rescued from a dead PC. What versions of Act can your service work with, and can it work from these files? It may be old enough to be Foxpro. All we need is a CSV file.

Hi, I am trying to import data from CRM Dynamics and it is telling me when I am trying to sign in that the password of CRM does not match the password that is stored.

Hi. We have a customer who wants to export CRM Dynamics tickets into Zendesk. There are 100,000+ tickets. Can you do it and do you have any pricing? Than you

How to configure access to AWS Billing Data?

"Company email domain conflict" - how to fix this validation error?

Your Import #84348 Status. This is in progress from one Pipedrive account to another. Will data be duplicated in both accounts?

Are you able to import related emails from GoldMine into HubSpot CRM? Generally, what are the restrictions on migrating from GoldMine to HubSpot CRM? Thanks.

Do you have a glossary of terms for Import2 Express?

Can you migrate into a Salesforce sandbox location?

when migrating contacts and companies from Highrise to HubSpot, will all of the notes be kept in chronological order as separate notes, or will all note history be one bulk body of text?

I am wanting to import into Pipedrive from a non-cloud based old version of ACT! - is this possible? There is a lot of history for each contact I am wanting to retain.

How do you assign my Leads to the right person in my new CRM?

Can you manage tickets from ConnectWise? I would like to migrate them over to Zendesk...

"Google Drive quota exceeded." - How can i fix this data validation error?

If I'm using the basic import and importing 5000 tickets out of 6500 - which tickets are imported? Is this done to include the latest tickets only?

I am playing around with sample data option to see/test how easy would it be for me to migrate data from our Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2016 (Office 365) instance into Salesforce and I am getting the following error message: "Couldn't access your MS D...

"Invalid input: Validation errors: primary_contact_id: can't be blank" - How to solve this data validation error?

How do you determine what is a private comment vs. an external message when importing my tickets to Salesforce Service Cloud?

Exporting out of Zoho resulted in 'Crossing license limit'

Where did you migrate all of my emails, calls and meetings in Freshsales?

Why aren't my email templates and campaigns migrating from Mailchimp to Hubspot Marketing?

can i use this tool to do a migration from Salesforce to Hubspot?

Have you guys figured out how to migrate notes from Highrise into Hubspot CRM and match with the user who created the note?

Can you export call records from Base into Hubspot?

When migrating from Zoho to HubSpot CRM, the contacts remain connected with their companies, even if they do not have corporate e-mails?

how long does take the importing/migration from an Pipedrive's account to another one'?

Are you able to import the compressed maximizer documents to salesforce (as attachments)?

As we know, User Defined Fields are stored in an unusual way that makes it very difficult to re-assemble once you've exported the UDF table. Do you have any method to export those User Defined fields into a flat, CSV or Excel style? Said another w...

Will you keep my created and modified dates when importing data into Freshsales?

CapsuleCRM to PipeDrive. Are Capsule "Tags" migrated? Do we need to put a custom field in PipeDrive first? Do we need to create "Pipelines" in Pipedrive to match the "Tracks" in Capsule?

What objects are supported when migrating from Solve?

Marketo only allows 10k records per CSV when exporting Leads - how do I get around this to import my data into Hubspot Marketing?

Will you import my Contact history to Hubspot Marketing so I can see which emails they've received?

Can you export Maximizer Hotlists and import them as tasks in HubSpot CRM?

"Invalid request: Invalid value for parent; No resource exists with type 'person' and ID 'XXXXXXXX'" - how to fix this data validation error?

Hello, I would like to migrate from Dynamics CRM to ProsperWorks. Could you please confirm that we will be able to migrate accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks, notes, emails? Also do you have any example of migration already performed?...

Why are my emails showing up as Tasks instead of Emails in Salesforce?

What is a record in import2 terminology?

Do you export custom fields from MS Dynamics ?

"Couldn't find product by name 'XXX XXXX'" - How to resolve this data validation error?

Does Import2 change SFDC layout during the import?

Will migrating from Highrise to Salesfroce overwrite existing data?

What happens to SugarCRM leads that are imported into Hubspot? Do they just get imported into the Contacts table in Hubspot along with the SugarCRM contacts?

Why didn't my custom fields migrate to

Can you import workflows from Marketo to Hubspot Marketing?

We want to import, Contacts, Companies, opportunities, and tasks from PipeDrive into HubSpot CRM. My questions is can we also import custom fields for all these data types? and if we can how do we map these custom fields to the custom fields in Hu...

Will customer notes in Kayako be migrated to

Hello! Can you import tickets from a .csv file into Zendesk? How can I do that? Which kind of template should I use?

Can import2 migrate audit fields ( such as CreatedBy, Created Date, Modified By, Modified Date) to Hubspot?

Please define the term "records" from your pricing page. Is it an activity such as phone call, email, notes, and attachments? Or does it refer to a contact and all the activities associated with that contact?

"attachments xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx not imported. Reason: Connection reset by peer" - How to fix this data validation error?

Can you give an accurate price if we send you a file as my client says they have 44,000 records in Maximizer db but that doesn't include email, notes etc

We are looking to migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot. We have fewer than 10k contacts, but do have a few custom fields we need to map. The jump from $499 to $999 is huge given that we don't have anywhere close to 50k records. Can we do the $499 ba...

Can you export attachments from act to salesforce?

"operation performed with inactive user [xxxxxxxxxxxx] as owner of account" - How to resolve this data validation error?

"[lead] Object does not exist." - How to fix this data validation error?

I am using Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version We are considering moving to Hubspot and want to know if all companies/contact notes, attachments and tasks currently scheduled can be transferred? Is the $199 for 10,000 contacts the costs for t...

Do I have to enable something in SugarCRM for Import2 to be able to login?

What can be migrated from Zoho to HubSpot CRM?

I am an account exec at Zendesk. I am working on a project where a customer needs to migrate legacy tickets from TrackIt into Zendesk. Is this something you can accommodate?

Why are there tags on my Zendesk tickets that were not present in my source data?

Where are my older notes & activities in my Salesforce Lightning instance?

Hi! We are migrating from to Hubspot CRM. Do you provide a step-by-step process/document where we can check that we prepared everything in advance, sot that the migration will run as smooth as possible?

How does Import2 match my deal stages?

"CONTACT associations exceed limit of 1000" - how to fix this validation error?

How do I ensure no unwanted notifications go out to my team when importing to ProsperWorks?

Why is there a Follower on every record in my new Pipedrive account after the migration completed?

Is there any way that address details from Sage ACT! can be easily imported into Pipedrive. I have had a trial import and all the address details are not in there, as well as other details that really do need to be.

"emailAddress must be a well-formed email address" - how to fix this data validation error?

Does pricing change when importing fewer objects?

How does your pricing work?

What is the cost of migration to Salesforce?

What are best practices for providing a CSV file for you to import into my new tool?

Can you import tags into Hubspot CRM?

How do I make sure records in SugarCRM are owned by the correct users after transferring data from Highrise? Do I need to create the users first? Do I need to make sure certain fields are identical to make the associations?

How does custom field mapping work from zoho to SalesForce? If I have custom fields in zoho do I first need to add identical fields to SalesForce or does you guys handle that?

How to populate the custom field mappings doc that Import2 sent?

How do you migrate data in custom fields?

How do I get Capsule CRM API Key?

How do I get a Pipedrive CRM API Key?

What happens if the record owner doesn't exist in my Destination tool?

When doing an export from Highrise into hubspot will I be able to assign hubspot owners to each contact in a easy organized fashion or is it just an entire content/contact dump into hubspot where we are going to have to do a ton of list cleaning?

I have custom fields (user defined fields) in Maximizer 9. Are you able to export these to Pipedrive so I can filter my contacts based on these fields?

Can Import2 create custom fields for me?

Can Import2 migrate custom fields to Salesforce?

How can I obtain the Happyfox auth code?

How can I create a Maximizer export file?

"The linked problem you selected is not a valid problem ticket" - How to fix this data validation error?

When importing from Kayako to Zendesk there is always a ticket with no content at the beginning of discussion, can you delete that?

When you state you can import Zendesk user data, does that include the end-users password information. Do end-users have to be recreated and create a new password?

"Attachment owner must be the same as the owner of the parent task or event" - how to fix this error?

What is Import2?

When migrating from Highrise to Nutshell, are attachments that are connected to notes migrated as well?

How secure is my data when I do migrations with Import2?

I have a partially migrated database in Pipedrive, which a few of my team have been using. I would like to bring the rest of my team onto Pipedrive from MSCRM, can you do a one-way sync from MS CRM to Pipedrive without overwriting existing data i...

Which servers does Import2 use?

How does Import2 store clients’ data?

Can you import data from a CSV?

I want to import to ZenDesk from a SQL Server source. I can export to CSV. Can this be done?

Can i import users from an Excel/Csv file with 30,000+ lines into Zendesk end-users,

Can I export all of my data to CSV files?

What does it mean that my tool is beta?

How can you help me migrate my data out of my current tool into CSV?

Can you migrate custom fields from Sugar to Salesforce?

Sample import is finished. I don’t see any custom fields populated. Why?

How can I obtain the Parature API token, Account ID and Department ID?

How to create ACT! backup file?

How to upload a file to Dropbox if I have never used it before?

I receive the message "Couldn't access your MS Dynamics due to: Not supported authentication scheme: Active Directory Spnego" when I try to make a test connection. The Dynamics CRM server has been setup for internal use only so has never needed t...

"Email: cannot be used; it is in use as a support address" - How to fix this error?

"The BillingStateCode field contains Auckland, which isn't an available state. Your administrator can add it for you." - How to fix that validation error?

Can you work on my Import after I press the "Cancel this Import" button?

how to delete an import from pipedrive

How do I get a ProsperWorks CRM API Key?

How to get RelateIQ API Key & Secret?

I am trying to connect with Zoho CRM account, but getting an error: "EXCEEDED_MAXIMUM_ALLOWED_AUTHTOKENS", I have tested my ZOHO account and it is definitely using the right password and email address.

When I try to connect my Hubspot account, no Accounts are listed under the "Choose Your Account" step. How can I solve this?

"Status: is invalid" - How to fix this validation error?

"The MailingStateCode field contains CS, which isn't an available state. Your administrator can add it for you." - How can I fix this data validation errror?

"Mismatched integration value and ISO code for field: Billing State/Province Code" - how to fix this error?

"It looks like you are creating a duplicate Account. We recommend you use an existing Account instead." - How to fix this data validation error?

"Couldn't find price book entry in default price book for product 'PPC SM'" - How to fix this error?

We're migrating from to Nimble. We have a significant number of custom fields in that we need to include. Is there a way to use Import2 to map these fields? What do you recommend?

Is there a way to test customization request before the full import?

Does Import2 migrate tags from Highrise to Pipedrive?

"Mailing Zip/Postal Code: data value too large: "- How to resolve this validation error?

How to prepare Salesforce instance for automatic custom field mapping?

"Invalid request: Invalid status: Qualified" - How to fix this data validation error?

Where do I locate my number of current records for pricing on Salesforce? I am looking to migrate from Salesforce to Pipedrive and want to know where I would be at for pricing/

Can you import notes from Zoho to Infusionsoft

What does "Start Sample Import" mean?

How do i become a partner and what does it cost to import historical notes to accou ts in salesforce

What happens if I have existing Contact data in my Hubspot account?

Why are some of my fields in Hubspot populated with different data than what I had in my source CRM?

With Zendesk end-user data import, I understand now that password data does not come over and that end-users will have to create new passwords. Do you know if upon you creating an end-user profile does that trigger the automation email for them to...

Tried to log in to Insightly assuming API meant password but got this message:Couldn't access your Insightly due to: get request failed with HTTP Status Code 401. Not sure what is wrong

"[APIEvent.TITLE] TITLE is required" - How to fix this error?

When migrating to Sugar will fields "Created by", "Modified by", "Assigned to" be set to the same user as in original CRM?

Why are there duplicate entries in my destination source?

Can I choose which Accounts (Organizations), Contacts and Cases I want to migrate from Salesforce Service Cloud to Zendesk? I would like to migrate some, but not all.

Is there a way to migrate SOME, not all, Act! contacts to Salesforce?

"Storage limit exceeded" - how to fix this error?

I don't see all of the tickets that Import2 migrated in any of Zendesk views. Why is that?

Can import2 migrate data from Maximizer CRM 12 to Capsule CRM? Our Maximizer is located on one of our servers, not in the Cloud.

"field integrity exception: PricebookEntryId, unknown (versions 3.0 and higher must specify pricebook entry id, others must specify product id)" - How to fix this data validation error?

Is it possible to import from an existing Pipedrive account into a different one all the settings (customized fields, notes, pipelines etc...) of the exporting one?

Hi, I work for a salesforce implementation partner here in London. One of clients is looking to migrate all of their current data from ACT into salesforce. I'd like to speak to someone about this to find out your costs and if you would also mana...

"This lead already has 200 contacts. You cannot add any more." - How to fix this validation error?

Where do attachments get migrated in HubSpot?

How do I find the specific person or business I'm looking for in Salesforce?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can we filter by client?

What is "customization" in Import2 terminology?

How do I disable two-factor authentication for Zoho CRM?

Can you import data from Bullhorn into Salesforce?

Hi, this regarding Unsubscribes management for an import. We want to import from Sage ACT to Infusionsoft but use Constant Contact for email marketing. We have unsubscribed users in Constant Contact (they unsub themselves so we can't email them). ...

When migrating information from one CRM to another, in the full version, would I be able to map properties (for instance: if one CRM calls it "Lead Source" and the other calls it "Account Type" but they have the same dropdown options), would I be ...

Why do I only see a fraction of the records in my sample import?

"reached maximum number of public tag definitions" - how to fix this data error?

How do I populate the user mappings document sent by Import2?

"Email address xxxx is invalid" - How to resolve this validation error?

How will Import2 match user data when importing to my new CRM?

What should I do after I start the sample import?

Hi, Can you export/import tickets with e.g. internal notes and attachments from SysAid into Zendesk?

We are looking to migrate from SFDC Enterprise to SFDC Professional. How does the custom field import/export work, do the field have to be created in the new version to migrate over? Does it import/expert views and reports or do you know of a ...

Can Import2 migrate Accounts as Leads into Salesforce?

I did a sample import from Act! to Insightly, which looks alright, but it doesn't look like any of my custom fields came through. I have 15,649 total contacts in my database. How much it would be for a one time import with all my contacts and cust...

What are available options to migrate data from QuickBooks Desktop into QuickBooks Online?

"unsupported country '....' in account.billing_address" - How to fix this error?

We need to export from Highrise to Insightly. Does the import move all of our data from Highrise? Is there anything that is not imported over?

I want to import from Infusionsoft to SalesForce - will all custom fields come over; will all notes/history of contacts come over; will all opportunities come over under the appropriate company?

I’ve run the sample import and it seems fine, the only problem is that some of the tickets are assigned to my account rather than one of the Agents. I presume this is because the agent is not yet setup in the target zendesk. If I were to make sure...

When importing from one Pipedrive account to another do the stage steps need to already exist? Do the custom fields need to exist as well?

I did sample import and noticed that every task, contact, etc was attributed to the Capsule account that was used for the migration instead of preserving the account name/user name that it was performed/owned by over on the Salesforce instance. Is...

After the recent Salesforce Spring14 release, public tags are not available for new SF accounts, hence, tags are not able to be imported into Salesforce. How can I import tags after Salesforce Spring14 release?

When importing to Pipedrive from Zoho is it possible to also import the "Activity Owner"? If we have the same "User" in Pipedrive as "Acitivity Owner" in Zoho?

How do I work out how many records actually require moving and will the number of notes affect the cost? And what would the cost be if we looked at using your de-duplication service too?

i'm migrating data from highrise to pipedrive, if i'm on the customisation package, is it possible to get the customisation expert to i) map tags in highrise over to pipedrive as custom fields and ii) find a way to map comments from Highrise into...

I just did a test import. It says it was completed successfully. There is no new tickets in my target ticketing system. Please advise.

How can I enable the "audit fields" feature in Salesforce?

Can you import into Salesforce Enterprise Version from Salesforce Professional Version?