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How to create ACT! backup file?

How to migrate ACT! contacts ONLY into Salesforce?

How many contacts can Import2 migrate from Act! to Salesforce?

What version of ACT! does Import2 support?

I want to import records from a few different versions of ACT to a single Salesforce account, is that possible?

Is there a limit to the number of records when migrating from Act! to Salesforce?

Can you transfer information from the User fields in Act over to Capsule?

Can you migrate groups from ACT to Nimble?

Can you migrate groups from ACT to Sugar CRM?

Can you migrate ACTIVITIES from ACT to Sugar CRM?

Can you export custom fields from ACT?

Can you migrate the contact addresses from Act! into the Account field in Salesforce?

I have some contacts in ACT listed as private, will these be transfered into Salesforce and would they be seen by others?

Can Import2 migrate notes that are attached to contacts in Act! into Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate Tasks/Contacts from Act! to Salesforce?

Is Import2 able to only import records from ACT to Salesforce that were modified in the last two years?

Is "record manager" field in ACT actually record owner?

I want to migrate groups from Act! to Salesforce. Can you do it for me?

Where do Notes from ACT! get migrated to in SalesForce?

Can you migrate from a saved ACT! backup file to Salesforce?

Where will the contact notes migrate from Act! to Pipedrive?

Can you migrate from Act! to SugarCRM?

Where does Import2 migrate different Act! history types?

I would like to use the import2 feature to import Act! to Insightly, however i would like to do 4 imports in order to assign 4 databases to a new API key each time. Is it possible to do this with the $999 package? And would it be possible to have ...

I did a sample import from Act! to Insightly, which looks alright, but it doesn't look like any of my custom fields came through. I have 15,649 total contacts in my database. How much it would be for a one time import with all my contacts and cust...

I would like to import two separate Act! databases into one Salesforce account. How can I do it?

Do I need Administrator rights in Salesforce for an Import of Act! data?

1. I have a client that uses ACT! and they are using the old DB database. Can I have the client create a backup and then send to me so that I can then use Import2 to get the data out? 2. Is this extract a table by table extract into Salesforce?

I saw on FAQs that you can migrate groups from Act! to Salesforce. Is this only within the Premium package?

Is there a way to migrate SOME, not all, Act! contacts to Salesforce?

How to upload a file to Dropbox if I have never used it before?

We are currently using "Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version", and our plan is to make the migration to "SuiteCRM Version 7.1.4 (Sugar Version 6.5.18)". What do you mean exactly with the number of records? And how can we learn the record numb...

ACT! to Salesforce - Couldn't access your Salesforce account due to: Invalid credentials

Can you export from ACT! Ver. 15.6 for an import to Daylite (Marketcircle)?

When migrating Act! to Salesforce what is the 50,000 record limit for the premium product mean, Is it the total number of records in the Act! database?

For ACT! to Salesforce migration can OneDrive be used store the zip file instead of a Dropbox?

Can you export from Act! to Pipeline Deals and bring over all notes and history?

When importing from ACT! to Salesforce, where are the Contact middle names imported to?

I successfully imported records the sample import, however two fields that are custom to my ACT Data base did not migrate. How do I assign those fields before I do a full Import?

Is it possible to export Act email messages?

How to engage ACT! as an "on-premise" app to link with sample data migration to Salesforce ? This is not an on-line to on-line migration. It's a on-premise to on-line migration. Wondering how to accomplish this?

I noticed Salesforce has a section for Notes. Any particular reason why migration from Act! to Salesforce places Notes from Act! into Event objects in Salesforce?

I have migrated my contacts and companies from ACT! V16 to Insightly but I now need to migrate the corresponding notes for both of these categories. Can you do this and what would the cost be? I have approximately 10,000 records. Thanks.

I saw that there is a possible import from ACT! to SugarCRM. But what about exactly from "Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version" to "SuiteCRM Version 7.1.4 (Sugar Version 6.5.18)"? Especially we need to import contacts with their histories.

Is it possible to import just a selection of contacts from ACT into Salesforce instead of the whole database?

We need to import data from both ACT! and Outlook. Is it possible to do this or do we need to pay for 2 separate imports?

Hi, we want to import a 2011 ACT! database into Pipedrive. Importantly, we want to ensure all client correspondence notes and emails get imported into Pipedrive. How is this possible to achieve?

Can I import data from ACT! (DB version) before we Go Live in SF and when ready to go live repeat with the latest copy of the DB? Will this mean I pay twice?

Am using ACT (Swiftpage) that is cloud-based. How do I export ALL of the information per record, such as groups, campanies, history,l notes, attachments, etc.

Hi, this regarding Unsubscribes management for an import. We want to import from Sage ACT to Infusionsoft but use Constant Contact for email marketing. We have unsubscribed users in Constant Contact (they unsub themselves so we can't email them). ...

"field integrity exception: Quantity (quantity must be nonzero)" - How to fix this data validation error?

Hi, I work for a salesforce implementation partner here in London. One of clients is looking to migrate all of their current data from ACT into salesforce. I'd like to speak to someone about this to find out your costs and if you would also mana...

I have a client with older, perhaps much older, Act db files rescued from a dead PC. What versions of Act can your service work with, and can it work from these files? It may be old enough to be Foxpro. All we need is a CSV file.

I am using Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version We are considering moving to Hubspot and want to know if all companies/contact notes, attachments and tasks currently scheduled can be transferred? Is the $199 for 10,000 contacts the costs for t...

How does Import2 match my deal stages?

We are a nonprofit based in the UK. How much is the basic Import2 tool for migrating data between ACTS and Salesforce?

We would like to migrate data from Act! to HubSpot. In the free trial example, we have to put the Act! backup file in Dropbox in order to import. Due to security reasons, we don't use Dropbox. Is there another option? And is the Dropbox approa...

I am wanting to import into Pipedrive from a non-cloud based old version of ACT! - is this possible? There is a lot of history for each contact I am wanting to retain.

Is there any way that address details from Sage ACT! can be easily imported into Pipedrive. I have had a trial import and all the address details are not in there, as well as other details that really do need to be.

Can you export attachments from act to salesforce?