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Topic: Capsule CRM Import

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How do I get Capsule CRM API Key?

Can you transfer information from the User fields in Act over to Capsule?

Can import2 migrate data from Maximizer CRM 12 to Capsule CRM? Our Maximizer is located on one of our servers, not in the Cloud.

"unsupported country '....' in account.billing_address" - How to fix this error?

I did sample import and noticed that every task, contact, etc was attributed to the Capsule account that was used for the migration instead of preserving the account name/user name that it was performed/owned by over on the Salesforce instance. Is...

"not an option for this custom field"n - how to fix this error?

"Contact quota exceeded" on Accounts - how to fix this validation error?

"emailAddress must be a well-formed email address" - how to fix this data validation error?