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Is it possible to migrate Highrise tags into Zoho CRM?

Does Import2 migrate tags from Highrise to Salesforce?

Will migrating from Highrise to Salesfroce overwrite existing data?

When I do the import will it take all of the Highrise contacts and deals on the account or just the ones that are under my user name?

If my Highrise contact has numerous email addresses, where in Salesforce will the additional addresses be stored?

We have tasks in Highrise that are set as private. Can you import them to Salesforce?

Does Import2 migrate tags from Highrise to Pipedrive?

We migrated from Highrise to Insightly, but we cannot see any emails associated to Accounts. Why?

Can Import2 export notes from Highrise to Salesforce?

Can you migrate emails from Highrise Contacts to Insightly Accounts?

Can you export data from Highrise to Salesforce without a Highrise admin account?

How do I work out how many records actually require moving and will the number of notes affect the cost? And what would the cost be if we looked at using your de-duplication service too?

How do I make sure records in SugarCRM are owned by the correct users after transferring data from Highrise? Do I need to create the users first? Do I need to make sure certain fields are identical to make the associations?

Can you migrate comments on notes from Highrise to Pipedrive in the same format?

I am interested in importing files from Highrise to Insightly. I only have around 200-250 contacts. Is there a reduced rate for small files?

We need to export from Highrise to Insightly. Does the import move all of our data from Highrise? Is there anything that is not imported over?

Can you import Highrise tags to Insightly?

I am exporting from Highrise to Salesforce. If I wanted some records to be imported as leads? Could you guys do that?

Are notes and email attachments migrated from Highrise when moving to Salesforce?

What objects are supported when migrating from Highrise to Pipedrive?

Can you migrate notes and activities from Highrise to Pipedrive?

"File Name.pdf has zero length" - how to fix this validation error?

"reached maximum number of public tag definitions" - how to fix this data error?

Can you migrate Highrise Tags into new custom field in Salesforce?

You migrated only open tasks from Highrise. Why?

i'm migrating data from highrise to pipedrive, if i'm on the customisation package, is it possible to get the customisation expert to i) map tags in highrise over to pipedrive as custom fields and ii) find a way to map comments from Highrise into...

We are willing to pay for the customisation package but we must have BOTH our notes and comments migrated from highrise to pipedrive. I understand pipedrive does not have the comment function. Is it possible to map comments over to part of the sam...

When doing an export from Highrise into hubspot will I be able to assign hubspot owners to each contact in a easy organized fashion or is it just an entire content/contact dump into hubspot where we are going to have to do a ton of list cleaning?

I just made a test import from Highrise to Salesforce. All went perfectly, except that now all leads and tasks are assigned to my user profile. Is it possible to take over the person assigned to tasks into Salesforce?

When we buy Import2 for migration from High-rise to Salesforce are we then able to run import more than once?

We have several Highrise accounts that need to be exported to one Salesforce account with several profiles. Does this affect the cost if it's less than 10,000 contacts alltogether? Do notes that are attached to a contact count as a record themselves?

When migrating from Highrise to Salesforce, which salesforce objects (names) correspond to highrise objects?

Have you guys figured out how to migrate notes from Highrise into Hubspot CRM and match with the user who created the note?

Highrise has an area where you can enter "Remember the date" for contacts. Can these dates be imported from Highrise to Insightly?

Hello, I am moving from Highrise to Hubspot CRM and had a few questions: 1) Can you guys migrate all tasks and notes? 2) Do Tags migrate to Hubspot CRM

Hi there, I ran a transfer from Highrise to SugarCRM a few weeks ago (I think import #25402) and I've just been informed that all the notes have the wrong dates on them. I need to find a way of fixing the dates without running another import as cu...

I have two questions for a migration from Highrise to Salesforce: 1. Will notes from Highrise be migrated as Notes or Activities in Salesforce? And 2. If it's exported as Notes, will there be the same number of notes in Salesforce or will Salesfor...

How do I import tags from Highrise into Salesforce?

When migrating notes from Highrise to Hubspot, are the notes imported into Hubspot as engagements or is there a contact property that they need to be imported to?

Is it possible to only Import the Emails from Highrise to Salesforce and is it possible to chose which objects should be imported?

when migrating contacts and companies from Highrise to HubSpot, will all of the notes be kept in chronological order as separate notes, or will all note history be one bulk body of text?

When migrating from Highrise to Nutshell, are attachments that are connected to notes migrated as well?

"Cyrillic symbols in name don't supported by Pipedrive" - how to fix this data validation error?