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Can import2 migrate data from Maximizer CRM 12 to Capsule CRM? Our Maximizer is located on one of our servers, not in the Cloud.

How can I create a Maximizer export file?

I migrated some data from Maximizer into Pipedrive. Now I want to import another set of data but I get only: "You already have an ongoing data migration request". How can I fix it and import another set?

Can you migrate attachments from Maximizer into Salesforce?

Can you export Maximizer Hotlists and import them as tasks in HubSpot CRM?

Can Import2 migrate from Maximizer to Salesforce?

How can I use the user defined fields I exported from Maximizer to pipedrive? Can I get them to show up in Custom fields?

I have custom fields (user defined fields) in Maximizer 9. Are you able to export these to Pipedrive so I can filter my contacts based on these fields?

Is it possible to map fields from Maximizer to SugarCRM fields when importing?

Can you give an accurate price if we send you a file as my client says they have 44,000 records in Maximizer db but that doesn't include email, notes etc

We have 4 xml files from Maximizer, it kept crashing when trying to do one big one, to import to SugarCRM. Can I send them to get an accurate price and timescales?

Are you able to import the compressed maximizer documents to salesforce (as attachments)?