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How do I import google contacts to pipedrive?

How do I revert my import from Infusionsoft into Pipedrive?

Will I get charged if I'm importing to a free-trial version Pipedrive?

"Custom attribute 'Type' doesn't have matching value for 'xxxx'" - how to fix this validation error?

I migrated some data from Maximizer into Pipedrive. Now I want to import another set of data but I get only: "You already have an ongoing data migration request". How can I fix it and import another set?

Where will the contact notes migrate from Act! to Pipedrive?

"attachment is too large"- how to resolve this data validation error?

"Cyrillic symbols in name don't supported by Pipedrive" - how to fix this data validation error?

Hello, I managed to import Salesforce PipeDrive, but I have some concerns or questions: I can not posted the function (positions held) by the contacts of my clients. I have not in PipeDrive events and past and future stains. Thank you for your ...

I imported my contacts from Salesforce to pipedrive. The contacts and tasks were imported but none of the notes came though. How do I import the notes?

Can you export tags from Capule CRM to Pipedrive?

"No stages found in the default pipeline. Cannot add a deal." - How to solve this validation error?

Why didn't the phone numbers come over for organizations?

Hi there. I would like to migrate from Salesforce to Pipedrive. I tried your free sample migration and it worked 80%. The remaining 20% are custom fields, typically listbox custom fields. How can I keep those fields in Organisations (Account in Sa...

Can you migrate comments on notes from Highrise to Pipedrive in the same format?

Company names weren't included when migrating leads from Zoho CRM to Pipedrive. Why?

"Name must be given." - How to fix this data validation error?

"Note could not be saved. Check your request" - How to fix this error?

Why didn't the email come over for the organization?

What happens to Open and Closed Opportunities when migrating from Salesforce to Pipedrive?

how to filter deals based on pipeline ?

Why do I get an Error when trying to test import from Capsule CRM to Pipedrive? URL, username and API are correct?

What happens to SUGAR CRM leads when imported into PIPEDRIVE (where we only have contact / organisation / Opportunity) ?

What objects are supported when migrating from Highrise to Pipedrive?

Can you migrate notes and activities from Highrise to Pipedrive?

I am looking to import data into Pipedrive from a Salesforce data export, rather than from the CRM directly. Is this possible to do through import2?

What data do you import from Batchbook to Pipedrive ?

"Can't convert custom attribute 'ABC' with type 'string' and value 'June 11, 2014' to date. Reason: value type is not a date" - how to fix this validation error?

Hi, we want to import a 2011 ACT! database into Pipedrive. Importantly, we want to ensure all client correspondence notes and emails get imported into Pipedrive. How is this possible to achieve?

What should I know before starting import into Pipedrive?

"Related Google services cannot be accessed properly to fulfill this request. Please check your Google settings on Pipedrive, and reconnect with Google if needed." - How to fix this validation error?

Can we import notes and emails from infusionsoft to pipedrive?

How can I use the user defined fields I exported from Maximizer to pipedrive? Can I get them to show up in Custom fields?

Can I filter my Nimble import by tag? I'd like to import Nimble contacts to Pipedrive based on the tag in Nimble.

We've added 2 users to pipedrive. Is it possible to have owner field empty if no match is found?

"Unknown Google Drive error." - How to fix this data validation error?

I did an import from Insightly to Pipedrive and now I can see by contact however the Leads cannot be seen, although it says 23 leads imported.

Can we import all notes from deals and contacts from Hubspot to Pipedrive? Where will these be attributed, in the deal or the contact, or both?

We are willing to pay for the customisation package but we must have BOTH our notes and comments migrated from highrise to pipedrive. I understand pipedrive does not have the comment function. Is it possible to map comments over to part of the sam...

What pipeline will highrise deals be imported into in pipedrive? Or will new pipelines be created based on deal categories?

I recently imported data from onepagecrm into pipedrive, I have lots of missing data, phone numbers, address, notes etc. not sure i did it right ? can someone help me import my data ?

Your Import #84348 Status. This is in progress from one Pipedrive account to another. Will data be duplicated in both accounts?

I am wanting to import into Pipedrive from a non-cloud based old version of ACT! - is this possible? There is a lot of history for each contact I am wanting to retain.

"Google Drive quota exceeded." - How can i fix this data validation error?

how long does take the importing/migration from an Pipedrive's account to another one'?

CapsuleCRM to PipeDrive. Are Capsule "Tags" migrated? Do we need to put a custom field in PipeDrive first? Do we need to create "Pipelines" in Pipedrive to match the "Tracks" in Capsule?

Why is there a Follower on every record in my new Pipedrive account after the migration completed?

Is there any way that address details from Sage ACT! can be easily imported into Pipedrive. I have had a trial import and all the address details are not in there, as well as other details that really do need to be.

How do I get a Pipedrive CRM API Key?

I have custom fields (user defined fields) in Maximizer 9. Are you able to export these to Pipedrive so I can filter my contacts based on these fields?

how to delete an import from pipedrive

Does Import2 migrate tags from Highrise to Pipedrive?

Is it possible to import from an existing Pipedrive account into a different one all the settings (customized fields, notes, pipelines etc...) of the exporting one?

When importing from one Pipedrive account to another do the stage steps need to already exist? Do the custom fields need to exist as well?

When importing to Pipedrive from Zoho is it possible to also import the "Activity Owner"? If we have the same "User" in Pipedrive as "Acitivity Owner" in Zoho?

i'm migrating data from highrise to pipedrive, if i'm on the customisation package, is it possible to get the customisation expert to i) map tags in highrise over to pipedrive as custom fields and ii) find a way to map comments from Highrise into...