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When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can you prevent migrated objects from having new ID's?

Are duplicate tasks created as a result when migrating from SF Professional to SF Enterprise?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can Import2 maintain the relationship between records?

Are you able to migrate data from SF Group edition to the Professional edition?

Is Import2 able to migrate notes and attachments from one Salesforce instance to another?

Can Import2 migrate from one Salesforce instance to another?

Can I complete a Salesforce export without an admin account?

Can you migrate data from Salesforce Enterprise version to a Professional version?

How do I smoothly migrate my data from Salesforce to SugarCRM? What steps are required?

How do I Import Cases from to Sugar CRM?

Can you migrate contact roles with the opportunities from Salesforce to Zoho CRM?

Can you import only part of the records from Salesforce to Salesforce?

Can we import only some of the custom fields from Salesforce to Salesforce?

Can I migrate standard objects (Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts and associated tasks) from Salesforce enterprise to Salesforce Group edition?

What happens to Open and Closed Opportunities when migrating from Salesforce to Pipedrive?

I want to know if we can filter leads, events, notes, task transfer by date period?

I did sample import and noticed that every task, contact, etc was attributed to the Capsule account that was used for the migration instead of preserving the account name/user name that it was performed/owned by over on the Salesforce instance. Is...

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another can I migrate only selected items?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can we filter by client?

What is the best way to migrate campaigns from Salesforce to SugarCRM ?

can i use this tool to do a migration from Salesforce to Hubspot?

Would this tool work if we want to migrate from one salesforce org to another salesforce org ?

Can I Import data into from a Productive salesfore org into a Sandbox Salesforce Org? I am having trouble with it. Thanks.

Can you migrate opportunities and tasks from Salesforce to Salesforce?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can we filter by account?

Hi there. I would like to migrate from Salesforce to Pipedrive. I tried your free sample migration and it worked 80%. The remaining 20% are custom fields, typically listbox custom fields. How can I keep those fields in Organisations (Account in Sa...

Can you import into Salesforce Enterprise Version from Salesforce Professional Version?

Hello, I managed to import Salesforce PipeDrive, but I have some concerns or questions: I can not posted the function (positions held) by the contacts of my clients. I have not in PipeDrive events and past and future stains. Thank you for your ...

What is the cost of migration to Salesforce?

We have just signed up for the Group Salesforce account and we want to transfer the data over from our salesforce account at our lead generation suppliers, including the history - is this possible?

Where can I check my Salesforce API limits?

I am looking to import data into Pipedrive from a Salesforce data export, rather than from the CRM directly. Is this possible to do through import2?

Can I export all of my data to CSV files?

We are looking to migrate from SFDC Enterprise to SFDC Professional. How does the custom field import/export work, do the field have to be created in the new version to migrate over? Does it import/expert views and reports or do you know of a ...

We are importing from SFDC Enterprise to Profesional; Does your tool import Campaigns ? We will be purchasing the $999 version to be able to import to custom fields; do we need to buy this in advance to get assistance with that or can you help...

I imported from Salesforce. Everything transferred except the notes. Please advise. Thank you.

I imported my contacts from Salesforce to pipedrive. The contacts and tasks were imported but none of the notes came though. How do I import the notes?

Hello! Can you help us with migrating all data from one SalesForce online account to another one? The company was split into two independent business units, and we now need to copy all data from one account to the other. we do have access to and c...

We are looking to migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot. We have fewer than 10k contacts, but do have a few custom fields we need to map. The jump from $499 to $999 is huge given that we don't have anywhere close to 50k records. Can we do the $499 ba...

"Record Type ID: this ID value isn't valid for the user: xxxxxx" - How to fix this data validation error?

"You must first set the Stage to Unscheduled and save the record before moving it to the desired Stage." - How to fix this data validation error?

"Invalid request: Invalid status: Qualified" - How to fix this data validation error?

"operation performed with inactive user [xxxxxxxxxxxx] as owner of account" - How to resolve this data validation error?

"invalid cross reference id" - How to fix this data validation error?