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Where can I find Nutshell Leads after migration to Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate custom fields to Salesforce?

Does Import2 migrate tags from Highrise to Salesforce?

Will migrating from Highrise to Salesfroce overwrite existing data?

Where do Notes from ACT! get migrated to in SalesForce?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can you prevent migrated objects from having new ID's?

Are duplicate tasks created as a result when migrating from SF Professional to SF Enterprise?

How to create ACT! backup file?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can Import2 maintain the relationship between records?

How to migrate ACT! contacts ONLY into Salesforce?

How many contacts can Import2 migrate from Act! to Salesforce?

Can Import2 only migrate opportunities and tasks from Zoho CRM to Salesforce?

What is the limit for leads/data migration from Zoho to Salesforce?

When migrating opportunities from Zoho to Salesforce, do corresponding accounts need to be in Salesforce before?

When migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce, can Import2 migrate campaigns?

Can you automatically create custom fields if I migrate into Salesforce?

Are you able to migrate data from SF Group edition to the Professional edition?

Is Import2 able to migrate notes and attachments from one Salesforce instance to another?

Can Import2 migrate from one Salesforce instance to another?

I want to import records from a few different versions of ACT to a single Salesforce account, is that possible?

Can you migrate data from Salesforce Enterprise version to a Professional version?

Is there a limit to the number of records when migrating from Act! to Salesforce?

If my Highrise contact has numerous email addresses, where in Salesforce will the additional addresses be stored?

How do I find the specific person or business I'm looking for in Salesforce?

Which tab in Salesforce did my data get imported to?

I enabled audit fields in Salesforce after the import. Can you import them separately without full re-import?

Can you import only part of the records from Salesforce to Salesforce?

Can we import only some of the custom fields from Salesforce to Salesforce?

"Mismatched integration value and ISO code for field: Billing State/Province Code" - how to fix this error?

Can you migrate the contact addresses from Act! into the Account field in Salesforce?

How to prepare Salesforce instance for automatic custom field mapping?

I have some contacts in ACT listed as private, will these be transfered into Salesforce and would they be seen by others?

Can Import2 migrate from Calyx Point to Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate contact history from Microsoft Outlook BCM to Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate notes that are attached to contacts in Act! into Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate leads to Salesforce but convert them into contacts/accounts?

Can Import2 migrate Tasks/Contacts from Act! to Salesforce?

"Home Phone: data value too large: (max length=40)" - how to resolve this error?

"Created Date: invalid date: 2014/03/01" - how to fix this error?

"Couldn't convert value of attribute 'NumberOfEmployees' to number: '832-767-34'" - how to resolve this error?

"Numeric value too large for attribute 'NumberOfEmployees': '8594684270'" - how to resolve this error?

"Billing/Mailing Country Code: bad value for restricted picklist field: Gernany" - How to fix this error?

"Email: data value too large: (max length=80)" - how to resolve this error?

Is it possible to do the Salesforce import without the events?

We have tasks in Highrise that are set as private. Can you import them to Salesforce?

"Exceeds maximum size -... but limit is ..." - how to fix this error?

"Storage limit exceeded" - how to fix this error?

"Phone Ext.: data value too large: (max length=20)" - How to resolve this validation error?

"Personal Email: invalid email address: "- How to resolve this validation error?

"Mailing Zip/Postal Code: data value too large: "- How to resolve this validation error?

When migrating to Salesforce can you keep the record's creation date original?

Is Import2 able to only import records from ACT to Salesforce that were modified in the last two years?

How can I enable the "audit fields" feature in Salesforce?

Can you truncate lengh of custom fields in Salesforce to fix data validation errors?

Can Import2 export notes from Highrise to Salesforce?

"Entity is deleted" - How can I fix that validation error?

"The MailingStateCode field contains CS, which isn't an available state. Your administrator can add it for you." - How can I fix this data validation errror?

Can you export data from Highrise to Salesforce without a Highrise admin account?


Importing to Salesforce 'currency' field wasn't imported for Opportunities. What could be the problem?

"Couldn't find price book entry in default price book for product 'PPC SM'" - How to fix this error?

"Converted Account empty for a Converted Lead.: Converted Account ID" - how to resolve this validation error?

"Current Situation/Progress: data value too large: Per Karen opty lost..." - How to fix this error?

Migrating to Salesforce why was the audit field information not imported for attachments?

"Code: data value too large: " - How to resolve this validation error?

"Document cannot exceed 5MB" - How to fix this validation error?

Can you migrate from a saved ACT! backup file to Salesforce?

Can you migrate into a Salesforce sandbox location?

I want to migrate groups from Act! to Salesforce. Can you do it for me?

Can I migrate standard objects (Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts and associated tasks) from Salesforce enterprise to Salesforce Group edition?

"Required fields are missing: [ActivityDateTime]" - How to fix this error?

What data is migrated from Nutshell to Salesforce?

"Contract Term must be a positive value.: Contract Term"- How to fix this validation error?

Can Import2 assign multiple client records belonging to one account in my source tool to a few different accounts in Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate custom objects into Salesforce?

Where will be emails migrated to Salesforce?

I am exporting from Highrise to Salesforce. If I wanted some records to be imported as leads? Could you guys do that?

Do you migrate attachments from Zoho CRM to Salesforce?

Can you migrate custom fields from Sugar to Salesforce?

I would like to import two separate Act! databases into one Salesforce account. How can I do it?

Do I need Administrator rights in Salesforce for an Import of Act! data?

Are notes and email attachments migrated from Highrise when moving to Salesforce?

Can you migrate email history from the Updates tab in Pipedrive into Salesforce?

1. I have a client that uses ACT! and they are using the old DB database. Can I have the client create a backup and then send to me so that I can then use Import2 to get the data out? 2. Is this extract a table by table extract into Salesforce?

Are you able to export tags on Leads from Nutshell?

I saw on FAQs that you can migrate groups from Act! to Salesforce. Is this only within the Premium package?

Can you migrate only tasks, opportunities and activities from Zoho CRM into Salesforce?

I tried a full migration but I received a message telling me that I have already done the Trial migration. Please help me.

"reached maximum number of public tag definitions" - how to fix this data error?

Can you migrate Highrise Tags into new custom field in Salesforce?

Is there a way to migrate SOME, not all, Act! contacts to Salesforce?

Where do you migrate opportunity's participants list from Pipedrive into Salesforce?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another can I migrate only selected items?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can we filter by client?

I can't find ANY emails after sample import (from SugarCRM into Salesforce). Why?

Can Import2 migrate Products from SugarCRM to SalesForce?

Can I test an import from Saleslogix cloud CRM using a trial of Salesforce? Or do I need to be a full user on Salesforce?

Can you migrate attachments from Maximizer into Salesforce?

Are the Infusionsoft tags exported and added to the Salesforce contact? Will the date created in Infusionsoft match in sales force? Email history? Campaign history? What about products and order details ?

"Attachment owner must be the same as the owner of the parent task or event" - how to fix this error?

How do you import converted leads into Salesforce?

Can you assign records to inactive users in Salesforce?

Will our e-mail templates also be migrated over to Salesforce?

Can you migrate products from Zoho CRM into Salesforce?

Can you migrate pricebooks from Zoho CRM into Salesforce?

Does Import2 change SFDC layout during the import?

Do I need to create custom fields when migrating from CSV into Salesforce?

"It looks like you are creating a duplicate Account. We recommend you use an existing Account instead." - How to fix this data validation error?

ACT! to Salesforce - Couldn't access your Salesforce account due to: Invalid credentials

How does Import2 check audit fields in Salesforce?

When migrating Act! to Salesforce what is the 50,000 record limit for the premium product mean, Is it the total number of records in the Act! database?

Would this tool work if we want to migrate from one salesforce org to another salesforce org ?

For ACT! to Salesforce migration can OneDrive be used store the zip file instead of a Dropbox?

Can I Import data into from a Productive salesfore org into a Sandbox Salesforce Org? I am having trouble with it. Thanks.

Can you migrate opportunities and tasks from Salesforce to Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate from Maximizer to Salesforce?

How do I migrate contacts, tasks, activities and accounts from Sugar CRM to Salesforce without having to import them at the same time with Salesforce Wizard?

I want to import from Infusionsoft to SalesForce - will all custom fields come over; will all notes/history of contacts come over; will all opportunities come over under the appropriate company?

For MS Dynamics CRM to Salesforce, what values are expected for 'UserName/email' ? Should this just be a normal domain/user login? Thanks.

Can Import2 migrate from SalesLogix to Salesforce?

When migrating from one Salesforce instance to another, can we filter by account?

Can you migrate Nimble's social profile fields to Salesforce?

When importing from ACT! to Salesforce, where are the Contact middle names imported to?

Can you import into Salesforce Enterprise Version from Salesforce Professional Version?

I just made a test import from Highrise to Salesforce. All went perfectly, except that now all leads and tasks are assigned to my user profile. Is it possible to take over the person assigned to tasks into Salesforce?

When we buy Import2 for migration from High-rise to Salesforce are we then able to run import more than once?

We have several Highrise accounts that need to be exported to one Salesforce account with several profiles. Does this affect the cost if it's less than 10,000 contacts alltogether? Do notes that are attached to a contact count as a record themselves?

Can you import lead tags from Nutshell to a Salesforce custom field?

When migrating from Highrise to Salesforce, which salesforce objects (names) correspond to highrise objects?

We have just signed up for the Group Salesforce account and we want to transfer the data over from our salesforce account at our lead generation suppliers, including the history - is this possible?

How to engage ACT! as an "on-premise" app to link with sample data migration to Salesforce ? This is not an on-line to on-line migration. It's a on-premise to on-line migration. Wondering how to accomplish this?

I noticed Salesforce has a section for Notes. Any particular reason why migration from Act! to Salesforce places Notes from Act! into Event objects in Salesforce?

Can Import2 migrate Accounts as Leads into Salesforce?

Where can I check my Salesforce API limits?

Is there a 2 way sync between X2engine and SalesForce

Is it possible to import just a selection of contacts from ACT into Salesforce instead of the whole database?

Can you migrate Tags into Topics in Salesforce ?

I have two questions for a migration from Highrise to Salesforce: 1. Will notes from Highrise be migrated as Notes or Activities in Salesforce? And 2. If it's exported as Notes, will there be the same number of notes in Salesforce or will Salesfor...

Can we use specific Netsuite records in our test import to Salesforce?

Can I import data from ACT! (DB version) before we Go Live in SF and when ready to go live repeat with the latest copy of the DB? Will this mean I pay twice?

After the recent Salesforce Spring14 release, public tags are not available for new SF accounts, hence, tags are not able to be imported into Salesforce. How can I import tags after Salesforce Spring14 release?

How do I import tags from Highrise into Salesforce?

Can you import data from Bullhorn into Salesforce?

We are looking to migrate from SFDC Enterprise to SFDC Professional. How does the custom field import/export work, do the field have to be created in the new version to migrate over? Does it import/expert views and reports or do you know of a ...

We are importing from SFDC Enterprise to Profesional; Does your tool import Campaigns ? We will be purchasing the $999 version to be able to import to custom fields; do we need to buy this in advance to get assistance with that or can you help...

Under the basic package of 10,000 records, does that include attachments? My client has about 1000 records and the anticipated number of attachments is about 1K. I am scoping this work and don't have access to their system to furnish a sample file...

How do I import Cases from SugarCRM to Salesforce Enterprise edition?

"insufficient access rights on cross-reference id:" - How to fix this validation error?

"The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID xxxxxxxx. Contact your administrator for help." - How to fix this data validation error?

"field integrity exception: Quantity (quantity must be nonzero)" - How to fix this data validation error?

Hello! Can you help us with migrating all data from one SalesForce online account to another one? The company was split into two independent business units, and we now need to copy all data from one account to the other. we do have access to and c...

Hi, I work for a salesforce implementation partner here in London. One of clients is looking to migrate all of their current data from ACT into salesforce. I'd like to speak to someone about this to find out your costs and if you would also mana...

"reached maximum number of custom fields: Either you or your organization has exceeded the maximum number of custom fields allowed in the system. Please contact your administrator for more information." - How to fix this data validation error?

Why are my emails showing up as Tasks instead of Emails in Salesforce?

We are a nonprofit based in the UK. How much is the basic Import2 tool for migrating data between ACTS and Salesforce?

"field integrity exception: PricebookEntryId, unknown (versions 3.0 and higher must specify pricebook entry id, others must specify product id)" - How to fix this data validation error?

Do you offer consulting services? We are migrating from MS Dynamics to Sales Force. We need to export all attached files from an opportunity and then import into SDFC associated with the proper account/project.

"Record Type ID: this ID value isn't valid for the user: xxxxxx" - How to fix this data validation error?

"You must first set the Stage to Unscheduled and save the record before moving it to the desired Stage." - How to fix this data validation error?

How do i become a partner and what does it cost to import historical notes to accou ts in salesforce

Is it possible to only Import the Emails from Highrise to Salesforce and is it possible to chose which objects should be imported?

Can you export from Hubspot to Salesforce include Hubspot notes?

Where are my older notes & activities in my Salesforce Lightning instance?

"operation performed with inactive user [xxxxxxxxxxxx] as owner of account" - How to resolve this data validation error?

I am playing around with sample data option to see/test how easy would it be for me to migrate data from our Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2016 (Office 365) instance into Salesforce and I am getting the following error message: "Couldn't access your MS D...

"Couldn't find product by name 'XXX XXXX'" - How to resolve this data validation error?

"invalid cross reference id" - How to fix this data validation error?

Can you export attachments from act to salesforce?

Are you able to import the compressed maximizer documents to salesforce (as attachments)?

How does custom field mapping work from zoho to SalesForce? If I have custom fields in zoho do I first need to add identical fields to SalesForce or does you guys handle that?