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Topic: SugarCRM Export

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How do I migrate contacts, tasks, activities and accounts from Sugar CRM to Salesforce without having to import them at the same time with Salesforce Wizard?

Can Import2 migrate from SugarCRM to Zoho CRM?

Can Import2 migrate Products from SugarCRM to SalesForce?

What objects are supported when migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce?

What objects are supported when migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce?

When migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce, are both notes and activities migrated as activities? Or, are there notes in Salesforce?

When migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce, does account hierarchy also migrate?

How do I migrate from Sugar CRM to Salesforce?

We plan to migrate the SugarCRM opensource from our web server to our local web server. How to do that? How to migrate the database?

Our Sugar CRM installation is hosted internally and has no external access except for those on our company VPN. Can you help us export data?

Can you migrate data to a different Sugar instance?

What version of Sugar CRM does Import2 support?

When migrating from Sugar CRM to Salesforce, can Import2 migrate campaigns?

Can emails, activity and call history be imported from SugarCRM Pro to Big Contacts. Can this be done as part of the sample import?

What happens to SUGAR CRM leads when imported into PIPEDRIVE (where we only have contact / organisation / Opportunity) ?

I did a sample import from SugarCRM to HubSpot and it did not import the target I have in Sugar. So my question is how to import the target (first/last name and email) from Sugar to HubSpot?

I can't find ANY emails after sample import (from SugarCRM into Salesforce). Why?

"Couldn't find matching ownershipcode for value 'xxxxxx'" - How to fix this data validation error?

Can import2 import from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM?

If the field is of picklist type in my Sugar CRM and of text type in NetSuite, will it get migrated?

Are you able to migrate SugarCRM from an exported SQL to Insightly?

Hi, is it possible to map (while importing) the field "status" of the Leads in suite CRM, to a specific Lifecycle stage in Hubspot?

Under the basic package of 10,000 records, does that include attachments? My client has about 1000 records and the anticipated number of attachments is about 1K. I am scoping this work and don't have access to their system to furnish a sample file...

How do I import Cases from SugarCRM to Salesforce Enterprise edition?

It's possible to export data from SugarCRM to Zendesk?

I want to migrate from Sugarcrm v 6.2.3 on site to Zoho CRM. In sugar I have some custom fields and modules. Is the migration automatically done? Should I create the modules/fields first in Zoho CRM? How much would the total cost be?Thx

Now that Hubspot has PROSPECTS in their CRM - Sales Professional Edition - can we have our LEADS from SUGARCRM imported into the prospects db instead of being pushed into the Hubspot COMPANIES db? I dont' want to put our SugarCRM ACCOUNTS and LEAD...

What's the best way to migrate tasks from Sugar CRM to Salesforce?

"Couldn't find product by name 'XXX XXXX'" - How to resolve this data validation error?

What happens to SugarCRM leads that are imported into Hubspot? Do they just get imported into the Contacts table in Hubspot along with the SugarCRM contacts?

Do I have to enable something in SugarCRM for Import2 to be able to login?

Can you migrate custom fields from Sugar to Salesforce?