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Topic: Tumblr Import

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I've purchased a premium import to Tubmlr, but it paused after 250 posts. Why?

Can you export my Tumblr sub-blog to a new Tumblr account?

When migrating to Tumblr - do I have to move images to dropbox account by myself? Or Import2 will do that?

Can you import comments from Wordpress to Tumblr?

Does your paid import from Wordpress to Tumblr include redirecting?

We migrated from Wordpress to Tumblr, but none of the photos show up. How to solve it?

Will the timestamps remain the same after the import?

Hello, I want to import posts from a particular category in wordpress to a tumblr page. Can you guys do that along with the media files pertaining to those posts?

I would like to import my Wordpress blog to Tumblr. Does your basic plan of "100 posts" mean, 100 posts a day or a 100 posts total? I have 690 posts on my Wordpress blog. Does this mean I need to purchase your Premium plan to transfer all of them ...

Your service is awesome but I wish I'd read the pricing. I have about 9,000 posts on my wordpress blog :-( Do you offer any great deals for something like that? No images. Just text.

I am trying to check out your program to import from WP to Tumblr. I put in my Tumblr URL and it says there's a 404 error. Am I supposed to be putting in something different?

Would my queue also be imported into my tumblr blog?

My import is stuck at ten posts. I've waited overnight, but it hasn't moved. Is something wrong?