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Can you import ticket attachments from Kayako to Zendesk?

What happens when you import a ticket assigned to a user who doesn't exist in Zendesk?

When importing from Kayako to Zendesk there is always a ticket with no content at the beginning of discussion, can you delete that?

"user - User must be an agent to be in a group" - How to fix this validation error?

"name - Name has already been taken" - How to fix this validaion error?

"email - Email: @import2 is not properly formatted" - How to fix this validation error?

Can you import to Zendesk from a spreadsheet?

Can you import NetSuite issues into Zendesk?

I’ve run the sample import and it seems fine, the only problem is that some of the tickets are assigned to my account rather than one of the Agents. I presume this is because the agent is not yet setup in the target zendesk. If I were to make sure...

Why do I have duplicate groups after sample import to Zendesk?

"Email: cannot be used; it is in use as a support address" - How to fix this error?

We are interested in using the Desk to Zendesk service which RRP's for $499. Do you offer any discount for non-profits?

Can I migrate just the last year's tickets from Desk to Zendesk?

Can I choose which Accounts (Organizations), Contacts and Cases I want to migrate from Salesforce Service Cloud to Zendesk? I would like to migrate some, but not all.

Can you guys import tags from Desk to Zendesk?

Why there are underscores "_" in my tags when migrating to Zendesk?

I don't see any tickets migrated into Zendesk although my import page shows that they were migrated. Why is that?

Will Freshdesk "Solutions" be imported into Zendesk as "Articles"?

Migrating from Freshdesk to Zendesk.

Can you migrate tickets with the same numbers as they had in my source Zendesk?

The first entry in each ticket is blank. Just shows "-". Why?

I don't see all of the tickets that Import2 migrated in any of Zendesk views. Why is that?

"Requester is invalid" - how to fix this validation error?

"Status: is invalid" - How to fix this validation error?

"Import attachment for ticket ... failed due to Zendesk API error: the server responded with status 502" - how to resolve this validation error?

"Requester is suspended." - how to fix this data validation error?

It's possible to export data from SugarCRM to Zendesk?

Hi, Can you export/import tickets with e.g. internal notes and attachments from SysAid into Zendesk?

Hi there, I need to find out if we use import2 to move from Kayako Fusion to zendesk, will our knowledgeable also be migrated over to the zendesk help centre?

We are planning to use import2 to migrate from to zendesk and have a question: Will the JIRA links in tickets be imported into zendesk as well?

I want to import to ZenDesk from a SQL Server source. I can export to CSV. Can this be done?

How do you map ticket priority levels when migrating from Desk to Zendesk?

If a user with the same email exists in destination Zendesk, will Import2 update its fields?

Can you import from one Zendesk instance to another and keep the same call numbers?

Can i import users from an Excel/Csv file with 30,000+ lines into Zendesk end-users,

We are planning to migrate from MS CRM online to Zendesk. In ms crm we have utilized the case module for service requests. Can import2 migrate cases from ms crm to zendesk, including email correspondence attached to each case?

If I import now and then purchase an import but then don't start using ZenDesk for a couple days, there will be a number of tickets in my older platform that were never migrated. How do I migrate these until we start using the platform full time?

Importing to Zendesk

Does Import2 bypass automation when migrating into Zendesk?

Can you migrate from Request Tracker (RT 3.8.7) to ZenDesk?

Can you describe what happens during the Zendesk migration 'free trial'? How does using the free trial affect an eventual "full" migration?

How can I import users from Uservoice to Zendesk that share the same email address? I spoke with someone at Zendesk (Fred) who suggested I speak with you guys on this. We have users in our application and Uservoice that point to the same email add...

Can I perform a Zendesk->Zendesk import into a specific Brand? Multibrand is a new feature and I want to take advantage of it by consolidating two instances.

We are looking to migrate from to ZenDesk. Setup and started the sample export. Will the export also handle the knowledge base articles from Is there a comprehensive list of all items that are exported from and what the...

Would we need to change internal links manually or would they be automatically replaced with the new Zendesk link?

I found an FAQ that you don't have an "out of the box" connector to SysAid to assist with migration to Zendesk but did say you could help if a CSV file was provided. How are ticket attachments handled??

Hi, Could we export from one Zendesk agent to another Zendesk agent? So basically from one company ZenDesk to another company's Zendesk?

What happens when you import a ticket assigned to an active Zendesk agent in the "FROM" system but is an inactive Zendesk agent in the "TO" system? Will this work okay?

We are looking at signing up with Zendesk, and apparently, depending on the plan, we get some credits from them to migrate up to 15,000 tickets, or so. I was wondering, if this was the case, do those credits transfer to the knowledge base, and if ...

"user cannot be created/updated; this Zendesk account has expired" - how to fix this data validation error?

"Email: _-_Your account has been suspended. Contact for assistance.\nuser cannot be created/updated; this Zendesk account has expired" - how to fix this data validation error?

Why are there tags on my Zendesk tickets that were not present in my source data?

I just did a test import. It says it was completed successfully. There is no new tickets in my target ticketing system. Please advise.

I am an account exec at Zendesk. I am working on a project where a customer needs to migrate legacy tickets from TrackIt into Zendesk. Is this something you can accommodate?

Hi, we have a kayako fusion install with around 330 articles and we need to migrate the kb articles and categories from it to zendesk. we do not require any tickets moving. Please can you advise a cost.

Hello! Can you import tickets from a .csv file into Zendesk? How can I do that? Which kind of template should I use?

Why are the email messages importing as internal notes in Zendesk?

Hi. We have a customer who wants to export CRM Dynamics tickets into Zendesk. There are 100,000+ tickets. Can you do it and do you have any pricing? Than you

Can you export Intercom transcripts into Zendesk Chat?

"attachments xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx not imported. Reason: Connection reset by peer" - How to fix this data validation error?

"External xxxxxxxx has already been taken" - how to solve this data validation error?

Hi, We need to import all the old chat conversations (exported into a csv file) from zopim chat into our new zendesk. Is this possible?

"The linked problem you selected is not a valid problem ticket" - How to fix this data validation error?

When you state you can import Zendesk user data, does that include the end-users password information. Do end-users have to be recreated and create a new password?

With Zendesk end-user data import, I understand now that password data does not come over and that end-users will have to create new passwords. Do you know if upon you creating an end-user profile does that trigger the automation email for them to...