Move data directly between your business apps
Import2 Wizard allows you to move data directly between your business apps, giving you the freedom to move data anywhere you need it.

Whether you are migrating your data to a new app, looking for a streamlined way to import data or even experimenting with unconventional types of imports, App to App is what you need.
How it works
Connect your app
Login to your Import2 Wizard account, and connect the apps that you want to transfer data between.
Setup the import
Choose the type of data and the direction you want to move, and then map the fields you wish to include. The Wizard guides you through each step for simple and intuitive setup.
See the results instantly in your app
Your import runs in the background, so you can continue working in your apps. You can check in your target app to see the results immediately.

Watch how to perform an App to App import
One feature, many uses
Migrate your legacy data to a new app
When switching apps, retain your historical business data by moving it directly from your old app to the new. Even if you prefer to move your data to a test or sandbox environment before you "go live", you can easily move between apps when you're ready for each stage of the migration.
Automatically push data where you need it after a specific action occurs
Whether you need to create tasks after a payment is received, generate outreach lists from new contacts, add customer interactions to their history, and more - use App to App to create the direct connection between two sets of data that help you operate efficiently.
Automatically populate all customer interactions into your CRM
Every touchpoint you have with your customers is important, so keep your CRM up to date in real-time by automatically adding in all interactions tracked in other apps.
Data import that fits your needs
There is not a one-size-fits all approach to moving data. We understand that sometimes you may need the flexibility of working from data in CSV file, while other tasks benefit more from moving data directly between apps.
CSV Import
App to App Import
Add new records to your database
Update existing records in your database
Import directly between apps
Import data from CSV file
Supported data sources
data stored in a CSV
50+ compatible apps
App to App Import works between apps you use
More ways to work with your business data
Import data from CSV
If you have your data in a CSV file, you can use Import2 Wizard to add that data into any business apps you use. Whether you are creating task lists, updating contacts, enriching business data, adding notes - Import2 Wizard supports that.

Learn more about CSV Import
Download the data you need
Your data is your business. You can't afford to leave it stuck inside your apps. Use Import2 Wizard to export data from anywhere, so you can save it or move it wherever makes sense for your business.

Learn More about export into CSV
Watch more ways to move your data
Browse our learning library of how-to videos to see how to perform any data import and export task you need with Import2 Wizard.

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