Business Data Where It's Needed

Import2 Wizard lets you import, update and export contacts, deals and more with CSV files up to 100,000 records or move them directly to ActiveCampaign from other apps.

What Wizard can do with ActiveCampaign

Import deals from a CSV file
Populate your ActiveCampaign account with deals with easy setup and data stored in a CSV file. Upload data in bulk eliminating one-by-one edit.
How it works
Export deals from ActiveCampaign
Download deals data stored in ActiveCampaign into CSV file in a few simple steps, so you can share it with your favorite apps and business analytics tools.
How it works
Import or update existing contacts in bulk
When you import contacts using Import2 Wizard you may select update option to add new or missing information to existing records in ActiveCampaign.
How it works
Export all or selected contacts to a CSV file
Full flexibility to download your contacts data from ActiveCampaign with ability to filter out unnecessary information.
How it works
Automate import of contacts
When you import contacts to ActiveCampaign regularly you may setup auto import in Import2 Wizard to upload new data.
How it works