Import and Export Your Trello Data

With Import2 Wizard, Trello users can import and export cards and boards with CSV files and sync into Google Sheets.

Wizard helps you to perform any
import and export task with Trello

Upload Trello cards in bulk
Trello cards are great for organizing work. Import2 Wizard offers a simple way to upload multiple Trello cards data at once, while maintaining your formatting. All you need is to set up the import and have a CSV file with data ready.
How it works
Export Trello data to CSV
Whether you need to export checklists from Trello or export all your Trello boards - Import2 Wizard provides a convenient way to export all the data you need, and filter out what you don't.
How it works
Connect Trello and Google Sheets
Import2 Wizard provides you with the easiest way to share data from your Trello boards to a Google spreadsheet. You choose how often to send new Trello data to Google Sheets, and even choose the specific sheets to deliver the data to.
How it works
See how Wizard can help solve your Trello import and export tasks
Can I add cards into Trello without a CSV file?
Yes! If you prefer to add or update Trello cards from data within another app, you can set that up with an App to App import with Wizard. Import2 Wizard works with dozens of apps, whether it is CRM, accounting, marketing or others - any data you wish to connect and sync into Trello cards.
What data can be exported from Trello?
You can use Wizard to export Trello boards, cards, lists, members, organizations, and even labels. Export is simple to setup - you choose the columns you wish to see, where to deliver the data to, and even select whether you wish to run the export once or on a regular basis automatically.
    Can I export data from Trello into Google Sheets?
    Yes! Connect both your Trello and Google Sheets accounts with Wizard, and have the data delivered to your preferred spreadsheet(s) on the schedule you select. Use it to automate data collection for meetings and team discussions, reporting and more.
    Can I use Import2 Wizard to backup my Trello data?
    Definitely - Import2 Wizard is a great method to backup your Trello data. You can setup an export in a few simple steps, and then choose how often that export should run and even where to deliver the data to - such as Dropbox, Google Sheets or email.
    Can I automate my imports into Trello using Import2 Wizard?
    Absolutely - if you have data in a CSV that needs to be added into Trello on an ongoing basis, your can setup an auto-import. This will allow you to complete a one-time setup of the template for field mappings, after which you can send in new data files via email anytime to have them imported automatically.
    What type of data can be imported into Trello with Import2 Wizard?
    Wizard allows you to import boards and cards data into Trello from CSV file, or directly from another app.