HubSpot Apps for Agencies Program
Apps for Agency Services is a program that provides HubSpot Platinum and Diamond Agency Partners the opportunity to deliver more value to their clients through access to HubSpot Certified Connect Partners software for free.

As an Platinum+ tiered HubSpot agency partner, you'll get access to a fully functional instance of Import2 Wizard at no cost. The Import2 Wizard team will be here to provide support and guidance, so you can learn about the product and position your complementary services.

In return, you will resell and retain at least one client to Import2 Wizard within the first year of signing up for the program.

To get started, sign-up for a free Import2 Wizard account by clicking the button below.
Why Import2 Wizard?
Use Import2 Wizard to handle data tasks like import, export or integration like a pro
Import Any Object
Wizard utilizes the power of HubSpot API to be able to import anything. You just setup the connection, select what you are importing, upload your file and map your columns to the list of fields available in your HubSpot database.

Automate Data Integration
Sometimes you need to copy data between different business apps you use. Wizard allows you to setup integration and automate that task. Popular integrations include copying conversations with customers from helpdesk into their HubSpot timeline, populate customer data from your accounting system into HubSpot contact fields and many more.
Export into CSV
Access and export any HubSpot data into CSV file. Use it once or setup nightly or weekly schedule depending on your business needs.