Automate your data import tasks
Use Auto-import to perform regular data uploads into your business apps. Save yourself time by eliminating manual imports, and choose instead a one-time setup so you can add new data into your database anytime.
How it works
Connect your app
Login to your Import2 Wizard account, and connect any app that you wish to import data into.
Create your import template
Upload the CSV that is formatted with all the columns and data that you wish to include in your imports. Choose the field mappings that will be applied for your subsequent imports.
Activate the import
After setup, Import2 Wizard will provide you with a unique email address where you will send new CSV files that you wish to import. Email new import files anytime, and the data will be automatically imported into your app using the template you setup.
What you can do with Auto-import
Automate upload of leads
When you obtain lists with new business leads, automatically send this data into your app to start targeting.
Record sales into your CRM
If you want to track your customers' orders, product preferences and more within your CRM, use an export from your accounting database to setup an automated import of this data.
Automate the upload of client touchpoints
Avoid the tedious manual data entry of adding meetings, calls and tasks data into your CRM. Use auto-import to ensure these details are tracked in the apps you use.
Sync data from proprietary systems
If your business uses a proprietary system that isn't compatible to sync with the other apps you use, you can utilize exported data along with auto-import to sync the data you need into other apps.
Push customer records into your accounting system
Ensure your accounting database is up to date, by pulling data such as updated contact information, order details, and more and creating an automated import of this data on a regular basis.
Auto-import is an import that is setup to run automatically, triggered by a specific action, such as sending an email or uploading a file to a file sharing app. The import is setup once, with the mappings and other criteria set. When the new file is received, it kicks off the import to add the data into your app.
More ways to work with your business data
Import business data directly from popular apps
Looking to ditch the CSV files and move data directly between apps? With App to App import you create a direct connection between two apps and import data directly between them.

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Export the data you need
Your data should never be stuck in one place. Import2 Wizard allows you to download your data from any tool into CSV, making it universally compatible to upload anywhere you need it.

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Learn more about how to move your data
Browse our learning videos to learn how to perform any data import and export task you need with Import2 Wizard.

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