COVID-19: SaaS Vendors Can Offer Free Data Imports for Customers
SaaS vendors who have installed the Import2 Button can now provide free data imports to their customers.
Over the past few weeks, more businesses are moving to remote teams in order to promote the health and safety of their workforce. For SaaS vendors, we understand that the cost of moving data can pose a burden to customers during these tough times. That is why, Import2 is inviting Saas vendors to install the Import2 Button, and offer customers free data imports, both CSV and App to App, into their platforms.

Click here for more info about Import2 Button or watch our video.

This offer is valid through June 30, 2020. After expiration SaaS vendors can decide to keep or delete the Import2 Button without any further commitment.

Please contact us to apply.
How it works
Sign up
Make sure you have a public API available before you apply. Import2 software uses API to establish a connection between Import2 Wizard and your software.
Embed Import2 Button
Find the right place where your customers can access it, such as in the admin section or your help center. Embedding a button is as simple as copy-pasting a link.
Start offering free data imports to users
Start offering your customers free imports through Import2 Wizard, using the Import2 Button.
Import2 reserves the right to determine which organizations are eligible for free imports pursuant to this offer. We also reserve the right to alter or extend the offer date.