CSV Import That Simply Works

Dependent on the tedious or half-baked import solutions out there just to get your data into the apps you use? While other products make it too complicated, Import2 provides a solution that is simple, effective, and accurate, to bring your data where you need it.
Import With Ease And Accuracy
Map any field in your database
Use the simple dropdown menu to select mappings for any field in your database. Control the format of date fields and timestamps, and even get alerted if your selection is incompatible with your database setup, so you can avoid import-related errors.
Update existing data
Control whether your import adds new records, updates existing ones or both. Choose how the import will search for existing records to update, so that you only change what you want to.
Monthly Pass
CSV Import
  • For datasets up to 100,000 records per month
  • Import data into apps from your CSV files
  • Update and upsert data
  • Need more? Add 100,000 records for $499
Import Data Into Over 100 Business Apps
What You Can Do With Data Import
Enrich contacts with new information
If you obtain new or updated details about your business contacts, you can take that data and upload it into your database to help fill in the blanks on your existing records.
Migrate legacy data from another business app
When switching apps, you want to retain your historical business data. Use data you have saved in CSV format to import into your new app.
Import activities, tasks and notes in bulk
Skip the manual data entry of your customer touchpoints. Instead, use data import to bulk-add any interactions, tasks lists, or notes you have.
Create record associations.
No need for IDs to find a record match. Skip the tedious multi-step process for creating your record associations, and link records together during your import using virtually any field.
Your Data Import Readiness Toolkit
If you've done an import before, you know a lot can go wrong. Big or small issues, it's rarely a perfect first try. It can go a heck of a lot smoother if you have a quick checklist to go through before you hit the ground! Learn More