Analyze Your Business Holistically, not App by App
Pull together the data scattered across multiple business apps and turn fragmented information into unified data reporting to power up your decision-making. Take back control of the metrics you are able to track and the quality of the reports you generate.
Design Your Data Reports With the Simplicity of a Spreadsheet Software
Slice & dice your business data without the steep learning curve of advanced business intelligence tools. Consolidate all your business data in one place and have swift analysis based on your business metrics.
Pull data from multiple business apps
Connect any of 100s of apps to automatically get data into a single location. Enjoy data being brought to you, instead of wasting time collecting data manually. See all supported apps
Have data reported to you just when you need it
Once you connect your apps, schedule data downloads to the location you have specified with precision up to a minute. Or you can get data just when you want to look at it.
Manipulate the data any which way you need
Select with precision the data you want to collect from each app. Choose the record types, apply filters and control what fields are included. The result is a report that you control.
Use Google Sheets to design the visualization you want to see of your data
The familiarity of a spreadsheet editor, yet powerful enough to create the data reports you need. Import2 sends your data to Google Sheets so you can build any report you need, using data pulled across all of your apps at once.
Data Reporting Doesn't Have to be Complicated in Order to Work
Big business data reporting solutions can be overwhelming and astronomically expensive. It can feel like you need a Master's Degree just to understand, let alone manage, all of the moving parts - data warehouses, ETL procedures, data pipelines, modeling, and so on.

At Import2, we believe that you do not need any of this technically complicated setup. Where others out there cling to the old idea that data reporting requires these intimidating engineered solutions - we say that it can be done more simply. Without any developer involvement, no data engineers - any business can build a data report just by connecting their app.

More Ways To Manage Your Data
Unlock your data from any business app
Import2 lets you export data in clear CSV format, so it is readable right from the get-go. Learn more
Import data with CSV or directly from other apps
Import2 helps you bring the data you want into the tools you use. While other tools make it too complicated, Import2 provides a solution that is simple, effective, and accurate.
Learn more
One data backup solution for all your business apps
With Import2, you create your own data backup process to ensure that your data is always there for that moment when you need it most.
Learn more
Claim your data back

Where SaaS excels in convenience, many businesses find themselves boxed in to the vendor's limitations. The transparency and access to your own data can be found lacking. We at Import2 say Lock-in No More.
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