Unlock your data from any business app
Data is your business knowledge and expertise. It's a waste to leave it stuck inside your apps.

Using Data Export, you have the ability to get your data out of any app you use. Whether you need to share data with external teams, setup scheduled backups, extract data to migrate to a new software or create an archive - you have the freedom to download the data you need.
How it works
Connect your app
Launch Import2 Wizard and connect the app you want to export data from.
Select data
Follow the step-by-step guide to select the data you wish to export. You may choose to apply specific filters, and which columns appear in your export.
Download CSV files
Once the export is finished, your file is available immediately to download.
Schedule export
When you need your data on a regular basis, you can select the schedule that fits your needs, and receive the data to your preferred destination.

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Where you can get data
Google Sheets Sync
Using Google Sheets to build reports, perform analytics, or share data with other teams? Import2 Wizard will deliver your exports to your desired spreadsheet. Learn more
Receive an E-mail
Prefer to receive your data file via email? You can provide Import2 Wizard with the email address you wish to receive your exports.
Save to Dropbox
If you sync data into your apps using Dropbox, or simply use it to save your data, set your exports to be delivered here automatically.

What you can do with CSV export
Share data with other teams or external parties
Have the freedom to select exactly the data you wish to download, so you can share with others who don't have access to your database.
Pull out specific details for data analysis
Data is the backbone for informed decision-making. Extract exactly the details you need to support your business direction, or even to upload into BI apps for informed analysis.
Data cleansing and quality checks
For many data cleansing tasks, it's far more efficient to manipulate your data in spreadsheet format rather than trying to manage within your database. Take advantage of working with data in spreadsheet format to quickly identify issues in your dataset, such as duplicates, missing information, improper formatting and more.
Backup your business data
Whether you need to perform regular backups, create an archive of old data or obtain all your data for a migration to a new app - it's critical you have the ability to download any and all data you need. By using CSV export, you ensure the security and availability of your own business data.
Data Export. Taking data out of a software or tool, and saving it to a CSV file. Your data remains intact in your software, but now you have a copy in CSV file format that you can work with in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets and more.
Export data from the following apps
More ways to work with your business data
Move data directly between apps you use
Use App to App import to move your data between apps, without the need for CSV files. Select the apps you use, and create a direct connection to move the data you want over.

Learn more about App to App Import
Import any data your business needs
Have the ability to bring the data you want into the tools you use from a CSV file. Whether you are creating task lists, updating contacts, enriching business data, adding notes - Import2 Wizard supports that.

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You can learn how to do any data import or export task for all the apps you use, with our ever-expanding video library.

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