Feed data from any business app into Google Sheets

Working in teams requires up to date information. Improve your team discussions and decision-making by gathering data automatically from your various business apps into Google Sheets.

How it works

1. Select your app
Login to Import2 Wizard and connect the app you wish to collect data from.
2. Choose your data
Select the type of data you wish to see in Google Sheets, including any filters and the order of the columns.
3. Connect Google Sheets
Choose the Google Sheets account you want to deliver your data to.

Built for your team collaboration

Customize what data you see
Opt to apply filters on what data is synced, and even select the sheet(s) where you want to deliver it.
Eliminate manual efforts
Avoid the need to export CSV files, transform them and upload to Google Sheets.
Gather data from multiple apps
Connect as many apps as you need, and even put data together in one file.
No Code
You setup sync with a simple wizard, no triggers or coding is needed.

Works with popular apps

Put your Google Sheets sync to work

Share data with other teams or external parties
Have the freedom to select exactly the data you wish to download, so you can share with others who don't have access to your database.
Pull out specific details for data analysis
Data is the backbone for informed decision-making. Extract exactly the details you need to support your business direction, ready to be utilized right in Google Sheets.
Sync with other Google Sheets integrated apps
Turn data silos into shared data by syncing exported data stored in Google Sheets into your other Google integrated apps.
Generate up to date reports
If you do your business reporting in Google Sheets, send your data directly there to update your reports, on the schedule you need.
More ways to work with your business data
Move data directly between apps you use
Use App to App import to move your data between apps, without the need for CSV files. Select the apps you use, and create a direct connection to move the data you want over.

Learn more about App to App Import
Import any data your business needs
Have the ability to bring the data you want into the tools you use from a CSV file. Whether you are creating task lists, updating contacts, enriching business data, adding notes - Import2 Wizard supports that.

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Browse our how-to videos to learn more
You can learn how to do any data import or export task for all the apps you use, with our ever-expanding video library.

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