Import Contacts into Google Contacts (from any CSV or cloud apps)

Published 23 April 2020


In this video, you'll learn how to import contacts into Google Contacts. Let's say you gathered contacts in a spreadsheet or download it from another address book in a CSV file (comma-separated values) and need to import contacts to Gmail. First, you’ll learn where to find your Google Contacts when you are in Gmail. Then, you will find out how to import a CSV file to Google Contacts and why the result could be not ideal. Then in this video, we will show you import CSV to Google Contacts with Import2 Wizard. We show a very specific step by step guide. On the next step, you will see how to match fields between your CSV file and Google Contacts fields. The flexibility you might need. There is no template CSV needed. You can select what columns will go to what fields in Google Contacts. And finally, you will be able to review the list of contacts that have been imported into Google Contacts and verify results in your account. Then, we dive into import directly from another app. You can set up contacts import from another Google account or other cloud app. Without the use of a CSV file. In this video, you will see how to import contacts into Google Contacts directly from Mailchimp. And that's it. You have learned how to import a spreadsheet into google contacts, as well as import directly from cloud apps.