Contact Import Wizard

Ensure your contact database is always up to date with a 1-click import that you can use anytime to import new or update existing contacts.

1-click, Hassle free, Reliable Results

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Contact Import Wizard an automated import tool to quickly and effectively consolidate your contact data. All it takes is 1-click to import new contacts or update incomplete records in your target database from a host of compatible SaaS tools or from your spreadsheets. Stop wasting time with manual setup and lengthy import processes. Enjoy ease of use where you can keep track of your import history, review error logs and revert imports all in one place.

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Automated Field Mappings

Say goodbye to manual field mappings with each import. We automatically map the fields for you, so you can skip this tedious step.

No Data Preparation

We automatically export and import your contact data with just the click of a button. If you are using one of the many compatible CRMs, there is no manual export or formatting CSV files to meet specific requirements.

Deduplication Built Right In

Every import includes a check for existing contact records in your database, with the ability to update fields when a match is found. We give you complete control over how your contact records are updated so you can be confident that your data is not overwritten or left incomplete.