It's your familiar CSV import tool, but much more powerful.
Import everything you need (contacts, accounts, deals, tasks and much more), without the frustrating, arbitrary limitations built into native import tools.
What else you can do with CSV import
Link your records together
Retain parent/child company hierarchies
Import activities and notes
Create cards and tasks
How import of data from CSV works
Download data into CSV
Import2 Wizard makes it easy to import data saved in a spreadsheet format,from any app you use. You can use it to export data from many popular apps.
Log into Import2 Wizard
Connect your apps to Import2 Wizard to start import right away. Free-trial is available.
Use build-in UI to select data objects you want to import and complete mapping step to match data in your CSV file and the app data fields where you import it.
Start Import
Import will take time dependent on your CSV size, but it can work on background. First results should appear in your app in minutes. You can check results and undo them.
Data Import - Bringing data into a software or tool, from a CSV. Your data will be taken from spreadsheet form and uploaded and added into your database.

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See how Import2 Wizard can import your business data.
Start your CSV import
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Import2 Wizard works with apps you use
More ways to work with your business data
Import business data directly from popular apps
With Import2 Wizard, you can bring your business data into any app you want to try, without the need for CSV files. If you're testing out a new software, you can import your data in 1-click, so you can see how your actual data looks in a new tool before you decide to switch.

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Move your data where it works for you
You can't get the most out of your data from a single app or tool. Sometimes you need to have your data accessible in more than one place to get the most out of all the features each tool has to offer. Import2 Wizard allows you to export your data to CSV, making it universally compatible to upload anywhere you need it.

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