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Data is your experience and your expertise. Using Import2 Wizard enables you to save and grow your data, and share what you know across the apps you use. Your data will always be where you need it, which means you can use it more effectively to improve your business.

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How to export your data to CSV?
Import2 Wizard works with many popular apps and export is available for all of them.
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What is a CSV Export?
Taking data out of a software or tool, and saving it to a CSV file. Your data remains intact in your software, but now you have a copy formatted as a spreadsheet that you can work with in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets and more.

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More ways to make Import2 Wizard work for your business data
Import data directly from popular apps
With Import2 Wizard, you can bring your business data into any app, without the need for CSV files. If you're testing out a new software, you can import your data in 1-click, so you can see how your actual data looks in a new tool before you decide to switch.

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Just purchased new software? Don't leave your legacy data behind.
We know what it's like to change to a new app with great expectations for better and more efficient day-to-day management. Make the most of your new tool by bringing in your historical data so you can build on it for the future. Import2 Wizard allows you to import all your business data with CSV files, so you can start off on the right foot in your new tool.

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Watch How-To videos to become a real data wizard.
Don't overlook a single opportunity to make your data work better for you. Browse our video content to learn the in's and out's of any data task you can perform with Import2 Wizard.tool.

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