Your business is using multiple apps. Now what?

Import2 Wizard helps you maximize the benefits of using multiple apps, by ensuring your data is accessible to use anywhere you need it. Every tool has different features that are helpful for your business, so now you can reap those benefits with the data you want.
How to export your data to CSV?
Connect your app
Import2 Wizard works with many popular apps and export is available for all of them. There is free-trial available to test how it works.
Select data
Using internal columns chooser you have full flexibility to choose which data to include into your file.
Download CSV files
Once export is complete your file is available for immediate download to your computer.

See how Import2 Wizard can move your business data directly between apps.
More features how you can use Import2 Wizard
You have data in a CSV file. No problem!

Import2 Wizard makes it simple to upload any amount of data - whether it is ten or a million records - from a spreadsheet. It will help you import business data with a straightforward setup, so you can concentrate on your business and making the right decision.
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Need to backup your data?

Import2 Wizard will help you download the data that you want to store or share.
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Import2 Wizard works with apps you use