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Import2 works with SaaS vendors to provide the end users with best in class data import tools. Leverage our data import and migration experience with over 20,000 customers, so you can focus on building your product.

Data friendly support, lightning fast turnaround

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Why Partner With Import2?

Increase Sales

Want to offer seamless data migration import solution to your customers? Import2 partners report higher conversion rates and faster close times. We can build a connector for your tool in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Support by Import Experts

We know that dealing with data issues might be overwhelming for customers and your support team. Import2 loves data import challenges. Our support team is trained to guide customers in the most simple and intuitive way.

Partner Discounts

Customers of our partners enjoy special pricing and discounts. Looking for your discount code? Click here to send us a message!

What Is Import2 and How It Works?

Today, data is more important than software. We believe customers should never be stuck without the data they need - or worse, entering data manually. Import2 objective is to allow users to import anything, anywhere they need it.

Import2 have built following products to help your customers with their data import challenges.

Wizard - a self-service CSV data import wizard. Wizard provides an easy, single interface to import data anywhere you need it. The result is a robust set of features within a single tool - so you can do what you need and move on with your day.

1-Click Data Migration - a full service data migration offering for customers looking to switch their software solutions. Import2 Data Migration saves weeks of customer business time by automating all the steps of a data migration and allows monitoring the process using a simple online user interface

Benefits for SaaS Vendor

  • Eliminate data import as a barrier during sales
  • Allow your customers to import data into your product
  • Use Import2 CSV Import Wizard, instead of building your own native import solution
  • Export from competitors
  • Save your customer success team time by delegating data import related issues to Import2
  • Discounts on Import2 data tools for end users
  • Co-marketing opportunities

API Checklist

For Import2 do build an integration with your SaaS product we would be using your API. Below you will find a list of API requirements, to make the integration possible:

  • Ability to load, create and delete objects
  • Ability to retrieve object metadata (fields, their types, available values for picklists)
  • Ability to update object metadata (available values for picklists)
  • Ability to load list users

Ready to start coding? Visit our developers center.

Partner Programs


  • CSV import
  • Export from competitor platforms
  • Special discounted pricing for end users


  • CSV import
  • Export from competitor platforms
  • Import2 Data Migration integration
  • Special discounted pricing for end users
  • Annual sales/support team training
  • Co-marketing opportunities

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