Become Import2 Data Migration Partner
Offer high quality data migration service using import2 technology and best practices.
Why Partner with Import2?
Import2 Technology and Process
Get unlimited access to our automated data migration technology and processes that we use. Delegate migration work to us, use this time to attract new customers.
Training and Support
Get in-depth training on how to run this business. Get partner support to help resolve any of your customer challenges.
How it works
Sign Up for a Programm
Review program requirements and sign up for a program.
Complete Onboarding
Complete online course where you will learn:
- How to efficiently work with us. So you can successfully manage 10+ data migrations at once.
- How to efficiently sell data migrations services
- How to keep your customers happy even when things go wrong
- How to handle data migrations of any complexity
Start Selling
You have all the processes setup, now it's time to monetize your knowledge. Start selling and earn amazing automated profits from your own data migration services.
Partner Requirements
  • Each individual partner has to go through the Import2 data migration training.
  • Partner should be proactively offering data migration services.
  • The individual partnership fee is $125/month with a minimum commitment of 12 months.
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