Data Handling and Security

We take security seriously at Import2. We understand that when you connect your business apps using our software, you need assurance that your data is kept secure and private. That's why we make every effort to use best-in-class technology and provide full transparency on our processes and policies.
Your data
While you use Import2 Wizard it will have access to data from your business apps.

You will retain ownership of any data, information or material originated by you that you transmit through the Import2 Wizard.

We do not resell or share any kind of data provided by our users, customers or website visitors to third-parties.
Handling your data
We make sure to protect your information by using SSL certificates, temporary machines, and trustworthy third-party cloud service providers.

Wherever it is possible, we use OAuth instead of API tokens or plain password. This means that you can authenticate your apps that support OAuth without having to enter sensitive login credentials. When stored in the database all credentials are securely encrypted.

To execute an import we extract data, transform it in memory and load it into into the destination tool in real time. Moreover, we use temporary machines which means that as soon as your import is finished, the machine which was used for the import gets deleted.

We also ensure complete privacy in-house, and require all employee contracts to include a confidentiality agreement.
Storing of your data
While you use Import2 Wizard it needs to temporarily store data from you business apps. For example, data that we make it available for you to download during the export.

We only store such data on our servers for 14 days. Archiving is conducted on a regular basis, but if you wish, you can ask us to delete your import or export data anytime by contacting our support.

If at any time you need to delete a connection to your business app or cancel your Import2 Wizard account, your information and any data stored will be removed entirely from our servers.
Vendors that we trust
We use a combination of Amazon Web Services (learn more) and Heroku (learn more) as our cloud computing platform. Our servers and storage are located in US, Virginia.