Business Data Where You Need It

Use Import2 Wizard to import and export data with CSV files or move data directly between apps.

What you can do with Wizard

Populate business apps with data
Import business data in bulk. For example: contacts, notes, tasks, products, invoices, emails and much more.
Move data across business teams and apps
Setup direct import of contacts between CRM and marketing automation, billing addresses between CRM and accounting, orders between e-commerce and ERP, notes between help desk and CRM and more.
Get fresh data for reporting
Schedule regular exports to feed data to business analytics tools. For instance, download sales and subscription numbers, completed projects and tasks, products and more.
Switching software?
Move data to new software from an old system with a setup of direct import or use CSV files.
Works with software you use

Costs Less Than Your Time

per month*
  • Import and export total up to 1,000 records per month
  • ✓ Import new data from CSV or other apps, update or upsert
  • Mapping of standard, lookup and custom fields
  • ✓ Export all data to CSV or apply filters to exclude unnecessary info
  • Works with multiple apps at once
per month*
  • Import and export total up to 5,000 records per month
  • Everything in Starter, plus
  • ✓ Auto-import from a CSV file
  • ✓ Scheduling of daily, weekly or monthly export
    per month*
    • Import and export total up to 10,000 records per month
    per month*
    • Import and export total up to 125,000 records per month
    • Everything in Basic+, plus
    • Complementary training
    * Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.