You're baffled by another problem with your business data. You may be dealing with the annoying data copy-pasting for your business analysis, or perhaps you have new data but no idea how to get it into your app without making a mess. Maybe your vendor wouldn't give you a clear solution how to download data from your account (you keep hearing words like API, bad data format etc.). Or, you're feeling taken advantage of when you have just purchased pricey software and nobody has told you how to move your legacy data. The list can go on and on.

We believe that data is your most important business asset. Like any asset, it requires effective management.
Import2 Wizard helps manage data scattered across multiple business apps, so your data is where you need it.
Import2 Wizard requires neither technical knowledge nor coding experience. It was built for anyone to solve data problems and to feel like you know what you're doing.
Unlock your data from any business app. It's free! Simply because data is your asset and you shouldn't pay for what is already yours. Barriers that SaaS vendors put on accessing data is the real problem. This should change. #LockInNoMore

Schedule regular data reports to your preferred destination. Receive a CSV file with data in an e-mail, directly to your Dropbox or send data to Google Sheets without coding just when you need it. Learn more

Your familiar CSV import, but better. Forget about other tools that can't get the job done or make it too complicated, Import2 Wizard provides a solution that is simple, effective and accurate. Learn more

Move data directly between your business apps. Whether you are migrating your data to a new app, looking for a streamlined way to import data or even experimenting with unconventional types of imports, App to App Import is what you need. Learn more
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After Data Export from HubSpot
Really clever and simple to use!
After CSV Import into Google Contacts
After App to App Import into HubSpot
Excellent solution, easy to use and worked first time.
After CSV Import of Trello cards
After Google Sheets Sync from Zendesk
Easy to use and very useful, thank you.
After CSV Import into ActiveCampaign
Awesome experience
Import2 Wizard works with many popular apps
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Talking about data could be confusing. Here is a list of terms for you to get up to speed.

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