For years, SaaS has been considered the choice to save both time and money. For many cloud apps, installation is as simple as having an internet connection and acquiring a log-in. Contrary to conventional software, SaaS updates do not require enormous internal efforts and there are no version discrepancies that can lead to compatibility issues. However, there is a flip-side.

SaaS vendors claim that data belongs to you. They say you can do whatever you want with it whenever you feel like it. But in reality, you can't. What happened the last time you tried to download data from a business app you use? For reporting or for a backup? Or maybe you wanted to transfer data to another SaaS. Did you get all you wanted? Was your data in a format that you could use elsewhere? Most likely not.

Barriers that SaaS vendors put on accessing data is the real problem. It's frustrating for users. We believe this should change.

We say Lock-in No More.
Data is your asset, but software you lease
This may seem like a boring concept everybody talks about. But this is crucial that all SaaS vendors and users acknowledge that. There is no argument here.
Data exports should be free and unlimited
Simply because you shouldn't pay for what is already yours. And users shouldn't have to know how to write code or go through layers of settings just to download their data.
Under no circumstances should data be held hostage
It's crazy to think that SaaS vendors would put limitations to data access to upsell or renew contracts. But it's happening. This is simply wrong. The moment users subscribe to any service they should be certain of getting back their data.
Businesses know the best what to do with their own data
Rather than push half-baked internal solutions for reporting, analysis or backup, SaaS vendors should be open that users would take advantage of third-party tools and products that do it better. No vendor is capable of doing everything right. It's also important to note that free movement of data is essential for growth and development.
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