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BLOG | 7.9.24
Preventing Lock-In: How Data Migration Software Keeps the SaaS Market Moving
The SaaS industry thrives on innovation, but data lock-in often hinders progress. This blog explores how data migration can break this cycle, empowering customers to switch platforms seamlessly and fostering a competitive, innovative SaaS ecosystem. Discover how data migration software reduces time, cost, and risk, promoting a dynamic market and driving business growth.
BLOG | 7.9.24
When to Utilize Paid Services vs. Tools (or Both!)
When customers switch to your platform, they need a reliable data migration solution. This blog explores two main options: cost-effective, user-friendly tools like CSV Export/Import and 3rd Party API Tools, and comprehensive, expert-led services. Learn how to choose the right method for a smooth onboarding process and improved customer satisfaction.
BLOG | 6.28.24
3 Hidden Costs of Manual Data Migration (and How to Avoid Them)
Discover the hidden costs of manual data migration and how Import2's automated solution can help you avoid them. Don't let clunky processes and data mishandling impact your business growth. Learn more today!
CASE STUDY | 6.26.24
How Help Scout Sees Conversion Rates of 48% with Import2
Help Scout improved its data migration process and achieved a 48% conversion rate by partnering with Import2, expanding platform support, reducing engineering strain, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
BLOG | 6.5.24
How Import2 Solves Data Migration Obstacles for SaaS
If you want to increase your company’s sales conversions and improve customer onboarding, you’ll want to revisit your legacy data migration process for new customers.

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