How Import2 Solves Data Migration Obstacles for SaaS
If you want to increase your company’s sales conversions and improve customer onboarding, you’ll want to revisit your legacy data migration process for new customers.

Data migration is crucial, but when customers feel locked into a software due to ineffective ways to import their legacy data, this becomes a major roadblock to adopting a new platform. Traditional, manual data migration is time-consuming and prone to errors - frustrating customers, increasing downtime, and ultimately delaying achievement of your business goals. Here’s how Import2 solves these obstacles:

Obstacle #1: Time-Consuming Migrations = Delayed Onboarding

Lengthy data migrations delay onboarding, frustrating customers eager to see fast results. This hinders the adoption of your platform. With automated migrations, customers get started quickly, see value sooner, and are more likely to stay committed long-term.

Obstacle #2: Data Loss From Traditional Migration Methods

CSV imports or manual migrations often can't handle all types of data, such as attachments and activity history. This limitation can discourage customers from switching platforms, locking them into their current software. Import2 solves this problem with its comprehensive API support, ensuring every piece of data can be moved smoothly. This capability gives your customers full control over their data, making the transition to your platform straightforward.

Obstacle #3: Hidden Costs of DIY Data Migration

Manual migrations drain time and resources, and errors lead to unexpected expenses and delays. Import2’s intuitive, user-friendly interface allows even non-technical users to successfully migrate their data and reduce IT involvement.

Why Partner with Import2 for Data Migration?

Import2 isn't just a software; it's your solution for converting customers by removing data migration obstacles. Here's what Import2 provides:

  • Speed: Automated migrations expedite onboarding, maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Accuracy: Import2 has accumulated know-how from over 50,000 successful data migrations. This experience is unmatched, and results in the most accurate data mapping and error handling in the industry.
  • Ease of Use: No technical expertise needed. Import2 is extremely user-friendly meaning no friction or support burdens.
  • Integrated Feature: Offer Import2 as a feature directly on your platform. This is a strong selling point for potential customers because every decision a potential customer has to make is a potential obstacle or delay in the adoption of your app. With a trusted migration solution in-app, customers have one less hurdle to overcome.

By partnering with Import2, you can provide your customers a smooth, reliable, and stress-free data migration experience. This translates to faster onboarding, happier customers, and increased long-term retention for your business.

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