Small Business
✓ For databases with less than 25,000 records
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    ✓ For databases with less than 50,000 records

    • ✓ Up to 10 custom mappings
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    ✓ For databases with less than 75,000 records

    • ✓ Up to 25 custom mappings
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    We also offer a VIP package for migration projects with more extensive requirements.
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    Frequently asked questions
    What is considered a custom
    A custom mapping is used to map fields in cases where the field(s) have been created by the user. Custom fields are in addition to those fields provided by default by the software.

    How do I know my record counts?
    Your database record counts will be calculated for you when you run the free sample migration. You can check your counts on your migration page.
    Can I test how it works before purchasing?
    Of course. Anyone can trial with a free sample migration. This allows you to see a sample of your own data migrated to your new app. Try it here!
    Can the sample migration be undone?
    Yes! The sample migration can be reversed for any reason.
    Does the migration affect my source database?
    No - we only copy the data into your new app. The source database is never altered in any way.
    You can count on Import2 quality and reliability. Don't like import results for any reason? We will refund your fee and clean all imported records. No questions asked.