Salesforce Data Migration Checklist
If you're not in the mindset to digest the wealth of information about Salesforce migrations and implementation, you can refer to this quick salesforce data migration checklist to ensure you are prepped and ready to begin your migration project!

  1. Gather your migration "group" - who will be involved in the project

  2. Scope out exactly what you want to migrate

  3. Settle on how you will migrate your data (CSV, API, third-party, etc.)

  4. Prep your current data - cleanup any mess, remove unwanted records

  5. Prep Salesforce with the users, fields and values you will need

  6. Test a small set of data to check for errors or inaccuracies

  7. Agree on a cut-off date for all users to stop using the old CRM

  8. Execute the migration!

That's it - if you've checked every box in this salesforce data migration checklist, congrats! You've completed a data migration project.

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