Pipedrive Data Import and Export

Maximize your Pipedrive experience. Import2 Wizard lets you import and export activities, contacts, organizations, deals, notes, pipelines, users, stages and more with CSV files or move them directly to Pipedrive from other apps.

How Wizard can help you
import or export your Pipedrive data

Import contacts, organizations, deals and more into Pipedrive
Upload data in bulk from CSV file, or directly from another app. Import your contacts, organizations, deals, notes, activities and more.
How it works
Export to CSV details from your deals, contacts, notes and more
Download notes, contacts, deals, activities and more into CSV. Choose to export everything, or apply filters to get only the data you need. Use one-time export or schedule regular exports.
How it works
Sync Pipedrive data with Google Sheets
Deliver data from Pipedrive to Google Sheets, so you can share data across teams. Choose how often you wish to sync the data, and even what sheets to deliver the data to.
How it works
What Wizard can help you to accomplish with your Pipedrive business data
Can I import into Pipedrive without a CSV file?
Yes! If you do not have your data in CSV file, you can still import data into Pipedrive directly from your other app(s). Simply connect the app you wish to move data from as well as your Pipedrive account, then start an App to App import to move the data.
Does Wizard allow me to export notes from Pipedrive?
Yes, you can export notes as well as any other activities or entries from your record timelines using Import2 Wizard. You can even specify filters and choose what columns to include when setting up any export with Wizard.
Can I link my organizations and people when importing into Pipedrive?
Yes, Wizard has a simple mappings interface which allows you to import the links between your records when you import.
Can I sync data from my Pipedrive account into Google Sheets?
Absolutely! You can connect both your Pipedrive and Google Sheets with Wizard, and deliver data to your preferred spreadsheet(s) on the schedule you select. Use it to automate data collection for meetings and team discussions, reporting and more.
What types of data can I import or export with Import2 Wizard?
You can use Import2 Wizard to import or export the following from Pipedrive:
  • organizations
  • people
  • deals
  • notes
  • activities
  • pipelines
  • stages
  • users