Import and export your Teamwork data

Import2 Wizard lets you import and export companies, contacts, deals and activities and more with CSV files or move them to Teamwork from other apps.

Data problems you can solve

Import and update contacts data
Upload contacts in bulk or update fields on existing contacts, such as phone numbers, addresses, email or custom fields.
Update your existing deals properties

Add missing information to existing deals in Teamwork using a CSV file.
Automate upload of data
Import contacts into Teamwork on a regular basis. A one-time setup, and then forward your CSV file to the assigned email address for the import to happen automatically.
Export historical activities
Download activities from Teamworks in full or apply filters to get only required data. Use one-time export or schedule regular exports.
More ways to work with your business data
Move data directly between apps you use
Use App2App import to move your data between apps, without the need for CSV files. Select the apps you use, and create a direct connection to move the data you want over.

Learn more about App to App Import
Import any data your business needs
Have the ability to bring the data you want into the tools you use from a CSV file. Whether you are creating task lists, updating contacts, enriching business data, adding notes - Import2 Wizard supports that.

Learn More about import into CSV
Browse our How-To videos to learn more
You can learn how to do any data import or export task for all the apps you use, with our ever-expanding video library.

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