One Data Backup Solution for all Your Business Apps
Are you in control of your data backup? Don't rely on vendor promises or opaque protocols when it comes to safeguarding your business data. Instead, choose a backup that you can control to keep your business operational when data loss strikes.
Keep Your Data Close to You
With Import2, you set up your own data backup process to ensure that your data is always there for that moment when you need it most.
Data is secure at your storage
You choose where your backup data is stored.
Backup from over 100 business apps
Backup data from all of your apps in one place. See all supported apps. See all supported apps.
See that every detail is backed up
Whether you need everything or just specific items from your database, you select what is needed down to the detail. With total access to your storage, you can be sure that important data is backed up fully.
Why You (Really!) Need a Data Backup and How to Do It Right
Having an effective and reliable solution to backing up your business data will make all the difference in how your business is able to overcome any data loss incident. Learn More
More Ways To Manage Your Data
Unlock your data from any business app
Import2 lets you export data in clear CSV format, so it is readable right from the get-go. Learn more
Import data with CSV or directly from other apps
Import2 helps you bring the data you want into the tools you use. While other tools make it too complicated, Import2 provides a solution that is simple, effective, and accurate.
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Design your own Data Reports

Import2 lets you pull together the data scattered across multiple business apps and turn fragmented information into cohesive data reporting to power up your decision-making.
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Claim your data back

Where SaaS excels in convenience, many businesses find themselves boxed in to the vendor's limitations. The transparency and access to your own data can be found lacking. We at Import2 say Lock-in No More.
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