Zendesk Migration Checklist
A quick checklist to ensure you've covered every element of your Zendesk data migration.
If you're looking for a quick rundown about Zendesk migrations and implementation, you can refer to this quick-list to ensure you are prepped and ready to begin your migration project!

  1. Gather your migration "group" - who will be involved in the project

  2. Scope out exactly what you want to migrate

  3. Settle on how you will migrate your data (API, third-party, etc.)

  4. Prep your current data - cleanup any mess, remove unwanted users or ticket conversations

  5. Prep Zendesk with the agents, fields and values you will need

  6. Test a small set of ticket and user data to check for errors or inaccuracies

  7. Agree on a cut-off date for all agents to stop using the old helpdesk

  8. Execute the migration!

That's it - if you've checked every box in this list, congrats! You've completed a Zendesk data migration.