Why You (Really!) Need a Data Backup and how to do it Right
Data loss is real and common

It may seem hypothetical until the day it happens to you - a result of a technical problem, virus or malware, or even simple human error. A recent study reported that a whopping 96% of organizations have experienced at least one outage in the past three years.

Having an effective and reliable solution to backing up your business data will make all the difference in how your business is able to overcome any data loss incident.

Not convinced? See common examples of when a data backup will become your business life-preserver.

Accidental data loss

All it takes is one time, one typo, one wrong click. Everyone makes mistakes, and entering data into your apps is no different. Data can be accidentally deleted or overwritten in an instant, whether it be from manual data entry or an import that went wrong. Having a backup of your data is critical to restoring lost data.

Losing access to your app

When it comes time to cancel your subscription, it often comes as a shock that many apps don't let you export all of your data before you part ways. If you are not prepared for this (common) scenario, you can find yourself in a panic searching out a solution to prevent losing your entire database. Backing up your data will preserve every piece of your business knowledge to take with you anywhere you go.

Technical glitches happen

Whether it be an integration that stopped working, or your vendor experienced some unexpected "downtime" - your database is at the mercy of technical issues that pop up from time to time. That's why it's important to always have your data backed up to a secondary location, so you never experience irreversible data loss.

Viruses or malware

It's unpleasant to think about, but no business is immune from cyber attacks on your data. Even small businesses are overwhelmingly targeted, and any business can suffer serious (even bankrupting) consequences. Bouncing back from a malicious attack is only possible with advanced planning to secure your data.

Backing up your data requires a plan.

Don't leave something this essential up to the arbitrary standards and protocols of your SaaS vendor or app. If you find yourself assuming that your data is protected just because you use a cloud app or a vendor claims they make backups for you - think again. In fact, the average failure rate of backing up all data is 75%! To know your data backup will actually be effective in the event of a data loss incident - ask yourself questions like:

  • Is all your data stored in one place? (and more importantly, do you even know where it is stored?) Consider reading up on the 3-2-1 rule!
  • Can you check that your backup is working? Can you physically open your data up and check that all records are there, in full?
  • Do you know the last time your backup was run? Is it often enough for your business needs?
  • Do you have access to your data backup, in order to restore any data that was lost as quickly as possible?
  • Is the data backup formatted in a way that you can actually work with it? Can you open and view the data and can you import it back into your database?
  • Does your backup meet your business security and compliance standards?
  • Does your backup require a "human hand" to run? Can it be automated?

If your current backup solution leaves too many open questions, it's time to find something better.

Import2 provides data backup that is fully under your control. Your schedule. Your secure location. Your data, in your hands.