Run Your Business On Data
You're baffled by another problem with your business data. This could be annoying data copy-pasting for your reporting, or perhaps you have a new set of data, but no idea how to get it into your app without making a mess. Your vendor wouldn't give you a clear solution on how to safeguard your data with a backup. Or, maybe you just can't download data from your app (you keep hearing words like API, bad data format, etc.). You may even feel being taken advantage of when you have just purchased pricey software and nobody has told you how to move your legacy data. The list can go on and on.

At Import2 we believe that data is a critical asset of any business. And that like any asset, data requires management. This is especially true with the growing number of apps businesses use on a daily basis and data being scattered across them.
Do It With Data Management Suite
None of our products require technical knowledge or coding experience
Free Export
There should be no barriers to access your own data in business apps. Export your data into CSV, selecting specific data objects, and applying filters to exclude unnecessary data.
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Data Import
Upload the data you want into the tools you use, with CSV or directly from another app. Choose to import one-time or setup recurring automated imports. Whether you are adding new data or updating existing, you can import data with ease, without creating a mess of your database.
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Data Backup
Setup a business data backup process that you control. Save data from all of your apps in one place, at the storage of your choice. You select which data objects to backup to ensure that your data is always there for that moment when you need it most.
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Data Reports
Pull together the data scattered across multiple business apps into one place and turn fragmented information into unified data reporting to power up your decision-making.
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Manage Data Across Over 100 Business Apps
Over 50,000 happy customers
After Data Export from HubSpot
Really clever and simple to use!
After CSV Import into Google Contacts
After App to App Import into HubSpot
Excellent solution, easy to use and worked first time.
After CSV Import of Trello cards
After Google Sheets Sync from Zendesk
Easy to use and very useful, thank you.
After CSV Import into ActiveCampaign
Awesome experience
Lock-in No More
Where SaaS excels in convenience, many businesses find themselves boxed into the vendor's limitations. The transparency and access to your own data can be found lacking. We at Import2 say Lock-in No More.
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